Rest in peace dad

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Hope to make it to the other side.

My kindergarten teacher, my cat, my mom, and you.

Tip of my hat to you

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

  1. I installed these and have been very pleased with results. Identical impedance as stock so as to not stress OEM components.

  2. That the front seat coolers only direct a fart into the passenger right behind the seat…. Proper air dispersion should direct it to all the victims in the car!

  3. Price match to photo successful! Had to go through first rep who basically said no. Second rep immediately refunded the difference (even though they said it wouldn’t process until it shipped).

  4. Thanks a lot! I still don't know what front side marker lights are or why they don't light up but thank you man!! You're awesome

  5. They should come on with headlights and when you use your directionals.

  6. How is this different than using the "cheat code" (slightly ridiculous combination of ignition and exterior lighting sequences) that allows you to remove the headlight from the DRL function and therefore, only has the accent lighting come on?

  7. A few pieces of felt under the bottom “feet”. Allows me to easily slide it around on our hardwood floors without scratching the floors.

  8. yes, exactly what i was thinking, but just the one screen not three.. seems like the front plexi is fully painted so not reusable..

  9. If you just got it, why not simply ask AtGames for a replacement? If this was a part that arrived damaged, they will replace for free.

  10. Not only did my artifact get reset (which was minor inconvenience), but more importantly, I am no longer earning artifact XP towards next unlock (which is my final one).

  11. Are you confusing the ALP and the ALU? The ALU has plastic speaker housings BEHIND the speakers. The ALP does not.

  12. Anyone else get any custom artwork for their ALP? Picked mine up from Buy Stuff Arcade store and customized it a bit (not a purist and really didn't care for the originals front panel.) Also added some GoldLeaf buttons and swapped out the front ones as well as seen

  13. Where’d you get the square/front button replacements from?

  14. Bonus points if there was still bourbon in it!

  15. Man… I’ve been thinking about doing this. If I can get our kids to actually put money in, it’s a win-win for us!

  16. You can certainly change the card at check-in or at check-out. No issues there.

  17. We still have that video and the guts of that cabinet it cause a big fight between my mom and dad

  18. Oh boy! Glad I got to play middle man on that one :)

  19. Personally, I would leave it and remind her THAT is why there’s no spending money left over for her!

  20. What helps is that I leave a jar of Vicks vapo-rub open right near the air inlet of my airsense 11. That, combined with some decongestant (or Afrin spray if really bad), works wonders if I have a cold.

  21. I feel like 6 year old me would be crazy excited if I saw that happen

  22. The 46 year old me is crazy excited.

  23. Seeing all these responses of people laughing and saying “then I show them what my real high-beams look like” is really disheartening. Having been on the receiving end of super bright lights gives me lots of sympathy for the other driver.

  24. I imagine it’s not as nefarious as you think though.

  25. I have one of these. Can always find a rivet/fastener that fits:

  26. Correct! You may be able to grab a smaller one, but, that’s the one I have.

  27. I was able to update using the FW that was posted yesterday (and subsequently removed). Although it was frowned upon, it may help Vizio to know that my update went without a hitch and working perfectly.

  28. Do you happen to still have the link for the firmware? Annoying that this topic seemed to drop off the face of the earth without an official notice from Vizio about if they will still release it or not.

  29. I’m in the same boat. I’m just over 2 years with my OLED and Elevate combo. I’m in the minority in that I’ve been very pleased with both.

  30. The ad doesn't even work, it doesn't link to anything

  31. I mean…. I want White Castle now :)

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