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  1. I have the top Razer Blade 18 (13980HX and 4090) and it is freaking amazing. I can't see any 18 inch laptop beating it.

  2. Jealous. Does it get hot? I wish they included a num pad

  3. It 9nly gets toasty above the keyboard and it's not that bad. Got the GT500 cooling pad on the way so it should have no issues after that. I'm totally cool with no number pad. I grew up in the 90s and literally none of the keyboards I grew up with had num pads so it's engraved in me to use the number row. Plus the speakers on this Laptop are super legit so I'd rather have that than more keys.

  4. Ok but makes no sense. Since it cost a car. But then again, with that specs I would rather get a desktop. Till these days, I am still afraid of thermal overheating issue on a slim machine.

  5. Got me the GT500 cooling pad on the way. I love laptops because I can take it anywhere with me super easy. I have a few friends who live near me and I game at their houses a lot so I pretty much have to get a laptop. Plus this screen on this thing is just as good as a desktop screen. It's legit a portable desktop.

  6. Yep! Bought him instantly. Lol.

  7. I've only tried the Sour Alien OG so far and the flavor is really good. It's not too much or too little and tastes natural. I took 2 huge hits back to back of it and didn't get as ripped as I thought I was going to though. I felt it but I have other carts that get me higher. Hopefully the 2.0 is more potent.

  8. It was between that and Orange. Had to go Green.

  9. Damn, those thick bois don’t fit in the yocan do they?

  10. All of them fit except for the Hidden Hills.

  11. Just took one. Supposed to be 125mg D8 with 25mg THC-V per piece.

  12. I live in WV and I'm going to be pissed if they ban all altnoids.

  13. This world has created unbelievable music.... too bad the huge majority of people's taste in music is shit.

  14. Looks like something some dumbass would try to trade to Gamestop for cash and would get pissed when they wouldn't take it.

  15. Apple is straight up trash and not worth the money. The right to repair itself is more than enough to never want to buy an iPhone.

  16. I shower once every 2 or 3 days. No I don't reak or anything. I don't have a physically demanding job and I don't sweat that much. I always wear deodorant and cologne. I check myself regularly for nastiness. Yes, there are plenty of times where I will shower consecutive days.

  17. Remember. If you don't find extreme morbid obesity BEAUTIFUL you are an incel, racist, sexist piece of shit. This man is beautiful even in death! Be proud of your body even if it ends your life very early.

  18. What was the start of all this?

  19. You can't pass up a chance to bring race into a conversation/topic. It's the ultimate "I have no real opinion or argument for the topic at hand".

  20. If I'm holding my dog close (like cuddling) and my girlfriend gets near me my dog snaps at her. If she's cuddling the dog and I get close she just licks me.

  21. What part of WV you from? I've never seen them anywhere in Mineral County

  22. I live near Charleston. They are in a bunch of smoke shops around here.

  23. They taste like fresh fruit. Watermelon flavor and texture with apple flavor.

  24. So I was getting ready for bed the other night but I wasn't very tired so I thought I'd watch a movie..... picked this. Didn't realize it was 3 hours and 7 minutes long.

  25. That one dude is like: "Fuck this tree".

  26. Well then get your shit together, get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your shit, so it's together.

  27. Live rosin is a wax-like concentrate created from cured cannabis flowers. It is a potent, amber-colored substance distinct from other cannabis concentrates like shatter and budder. Because live rosin is a concentrated form of weed, its manufacturing process is extensive but free of solvents.

  28. gotcha "aftermarket" would be a better word then instead of custom.. thanks ! and good luck with everything

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