1. Thank you!!!! This link needs to be the top answer!!!


  3. Anyone available to help me trade 7 Pokemon from my scarlet file to my violet file?

  4. Cool, if you don’t mind I’ll take whatever exclusives you have. Give me just a sec to join in though

  5. Sorry to res and old topic, but was there ever a solution for this? Having a very similar problem with my 2023 Taos

  6. I still have the same issue. Have had different phones too. Definitely just the car.

  7. Damn. I appreciate the follow up. Super disappointing though. Do you use any workaround? Or just, it is what it is?

  8. You just give Grimmsnarl a mirror herb to hold and leave one moveslot free then go into a picnic with a Bombirdier who knows it and then it gets passed to Grimm immediately.

  9. Literally worked pretty insane seeing as how he is 1% spawn chance.

  10. Yeah but not like this. This is in the same room lol

  11. Are they the only outfits available? Or any backpack, hat, accessories of any other kind? Or different colors?

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