1. Are you going to cover your panduit? Whats the deal with all the rubber bands

  2. Ducts get covered after final startup and debug and the rubber bands just help keep everything tidy until covers go on.

  3. This runs the sheet feed section of a full line that makes filters for reverse osmosis

  4. Looks like those side rails from a respectable company are about $100. I’m not sure what ACH helmets for go but my two cost me $$25 and $75 each. So I imagine you could get this done for <$400

  5. Do you remember where you got them for those prices?

  6. I didn’t. I’m not OP. I was just googling things and getting Prices. Unless you’re referring to the helmets. One I got on EBay and one locally

  7. I was talking about the helmets, I can't find any close to that price now unfortunately

  8. What case holder are you using for the first few steps? I've been looking for something like that but I'm apparently searching for the wrong thing.

  9. The trimmer and case holder are all part of the Lyman ezee trim hand case trimmer kit. Like 20 bucks. I have a couple of them. Love them for the simplicity of trimming.

  10. Been looking for something like this as well.

  11. Not sure on a price but I bet uline has something like that

  12. You just have to spend 4 hours finding it, I suggest looking on company time

  13. Without sounding botchy…. Try a small zip tie?

  14. No such thing as botchy! I was thinking super glue so there's no limit to what's worth a shot

  15. I had not seen that yet, thank you. It looks like mine has a metal rod of some kind running through the cradle that I'm not seeing on any others online

  16. South Central Pennsylvania, it was about 8 feet tall growing up through a holly bush

  17. I am now concerned and confused because I also have this safe but it did not come with keys from TS

  18. Older models did not have keys, new models do. They all look the same from the outside.

  19. It's very real, I took the picture myself LOL

  20. I have a mark iv lite and mask that have had many many rounds quietly run through. The only time it's been unreliable is when I let the gun get really dirty, suppressors speed up the dirtying process quite a lot.

  21. Nice family photo! Am I seeing a lot of live ammo on the ground?

  22. You're right, most of the ones I was looking at is the annealed neck I think

  23. I was there tonight and did not even see Rocco, those bastards lied to us!

  24. I've been looking for one of these rugers for weeks now

  25. Where? They're in my local big stores. I got this one at bass pro on discount due to a scratched barrel.

  26. I've been checking online and calling local gun shops. Maybe I'll give the closest Bass Pro a call. An hour drive, but thats not too bad if they have one

  27. The basement was completely empty, not a thing down there but dust and spiders Mr. tax man!

  28. This looks awesome! I didn't even want one of these until right now!

  29. I usually prefer a P226 to the Berettas, but man that thing is REALLY nice!

  30. I have a silencerco in my 19.4 and it has been excellent.

  31. I was HELLA impressed until I saw the strap under her feet.

  32. Already got the magpul furniture! Whats size barrel is that btw? I've got an 18.5" on the way.

  33. Where did you find an 18.5? They're out of stock everywhere!

  34. So its not in stock quite yet. I got one from OpticsPlanet . Their website is a bit odd where it shows its in stock till you reload the page and it says back order...till you re load and it says in stock. I emailed and asked when they thought it would be back in stock and I was told today actually. However my order says it will most likely be in stock and ship on the 04/27/2021. But not to long really. Main problem is they don't take money out till the order ships. So I always have to have at least $150 ready to be taken out. I've ordered parts from them before and never had a problem. Obviously there's a lot more people ordering things and such.

  35. LOL, I have one on backorder from them right now too, same deal, ordered then got an email saying not in stock. Good luck getting yours!

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