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  1. First baby I had precipitous labor. 2.5 hours and didn’t have time for an epidural. Years later I had my 2nd baby and opted for epidural. No wrong answers

  2. Wear thicker diapers. I pee probably 3-4 times a night and don't need to change.

  3. I think some context (age) is needed here. So, my mom never asked, she would just check my sheets in the morning. It wasn't ever a verbal thing because of my younger sister (who never had accidents) and mom didn't want to embarrass me. I'm glad she didn't ask though, but she knew enough that she didn't need to. I wore diapers anyways so usually it wasn't an issue. She was actually really awesome about it because that developed into a really good thing during high school where I had my "supply" and if she noticed it getting low, she would just top it up. I took care of my own garbage, which was 2-6 times per week depending.

  4. Easy. And every month you will get a text verifying enrollment. Also make sure gmu takes all your associates credits. They didn’t want to a accept 27 credits from tcc and odu

  5. Chelsea has some of the prettiest teeth I've ever seen. I do wish I would have never zoomed in on her face tho.

  6. I always use salted butter instead of adding any extra salt. Also sometimes I use fruity pebbles

  7. Please go away (Christina, not OP.)

  8. It wasn’t mentioned in this sub but also just last week a NPD officer was shot along with a civilian who was standing behind the officer when the shooter started shooting at the officer.

  9. Idk if it makes a difference to you but aggravated malicious wounding is punishable a min of 20 yr up to life and attempted murder is up to 10 years.

  10. What if the person who did this wasn't going after Garcelle but wanting some of the other women to be blamed for it.

  11. Not everyone can afford to live inside the beltway or north of the Occoquan.

  12. I moved here last year. What is the beltway?

  13. I wear a mask because I had a baby recently and gained weight and the mask hides my fat face.

  14. I looked at one today. I read it has foam tires ? Isn’t sure filled better for running like the BOB?

  15. We are in COVA under contract in NOVA. The first house we bid on and lost was at the top of our budget. This one now is 70k less and hits all of our must haves. With the sale of our current home we can pay off all of our debts and our VA disability will cover mortgage and utilities. My husbands salary will essentially be disposable. That’s how we justify spending so much on a new home in the area. Our new home will be twice as costly as our current. (Yikes) If the sale of your current home can help then That may alleviate your stress of covering monthly living expenses. If you have to move you have to move. I have kept looking at homes on Zillow and notices home prices are lowering SLIGHTLY. good luck finding something :)

  16. Are you still looking for a house? Our house in Norfolk is going on the market soon!

  17. Thank you for helping me! I’m pregnant and anxious.

  18. For future reference, click “Add Tracking info” to do “Order Processed”. Then within/after 48 hrs, ask buyer to “confirm receipt” to try to get the funds released sooner.

  19. But after the 21 days the funds should be released otherwise?

  20. They just told me they held it bec it’s my first transaction

  21. So do you need to wait the entire 21 days? I’m just going through the same thing. And it’s enough money to ruin my month

  22. Children are ridiculously clever in finding ways to do stupid things.

  23. I don’t let my toddler use my table saw either

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