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  1. I see you have studied ancient hieroglyphs and can speak fluent keyboard-smash. Thank you!

  2. This has to be one of the best things I've read in a while.

  3. That actually is a pretty good tasting bird

  4. My asked me when did Logan Paul go to AEW

  5. I ended up using a dish towel. Sometimes I would change it for the season :-)

  6. hmmm. interesting. Did you make a little curtain out.of it.

  7. No, it was not cute. I had it flipped around with duct tape so the tape was concealed. Mine was at my back kitchen door of an apartment i knew I would not live in for more than a year. The door went to a creepy alley so I just needed it covered.

  8. You get banned from JusticeServed for "promoting/supporting/taking part in biological terrorism" just for posting here.

  9. Aaaactually… I don’t wanna be that guy but true story - when my sister was like 3, she ate some mulch and developed a serious jaw infection that required pretty invasive surgery. Still has the scar.

  10. When people flee these blue states, they'll end up voting for the same sorry lot they've been voting for.

  11. Originally Chewie while saving all those people. Then Han as he always was my favorite. I teared up for that one in the theater. My wife had to console me.

  12. Since high school. I had to always be ready for a BJ, because you just never know... And appaelrently I was living in a fantasy world. But at least I felt clean.

  13. They are 100% optional. Not trying to sound bias because I do work for the company and most reps can’t stand Directv, but the stream is actually not too bad. Is it overpriced in some ways, yes, but the saving grace of it is the directv stream box. I actually really like it more than my Roku stick. Yes, it’s way more expensive. I’d at least recommend having one, definitely don’t need 2 of them. 1 for the main living room and use Roku for other TV’s.

  14. So Roku has the app? And can you watch DVR on the app if so?

  15. Honestly don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction, but I don’t believe you get the DVR. You get the on demand of course and live tv. I also could be very wrong, pure honesty…of all of my direct tv stream sales, not one cared about the DVR(our area is weird lol).

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