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  1. Is the original bevel any good? Looks like a really really mild razor I doubt I could get a good shave with it.

  2. That is the dumbest design decision I've ever heard.

  3. Nespresso would usually let you return/exchange, but I guess they don’t want to take the hit as it’s a holiday coffee that’s no longer for sale.

  4. Something to keep in mind is that injector single-edges are pretty mild, so if you want to try that out, Supply does have a 100 day trial if you're willing to.

  5. Supply has a kit for the SE currently on-sale for $85. All of these products are excellent IMO.

  6. Thanks so much! The Supply SE kit looks like a great place to start. Appreciate the tip!

  7. It’s easy to use too. I would recommend adding the Post Shave Mist, then you’ll be set for about three months.

  8. This is a surprisingly effective car to wrap since it has a design conducive to a wrap along with an abundance of Pandas.

  9. Stormio is the intense dark roast that feels like a perfect demo coffee. It has the deep espresso flavor along with what may be the strongest crema of any Vertuo coffee.

  10. It is so easy to recycle your pods in the US. What are people doing with them if they’re not recycling them.

  11. It seems easy till you have five bags full of coffee pods and have to go out of your way to drop them all off.

  12. The Supply looks awesome I may have to get one eventually.I’ve got a Schick Injector so it’s probably similar.

  13. Yeah the Bevel isn’t anything very special but the Twig in my opinion will always be better than the Oneblade .

  14. YMMV, I find the twig to give me the most efficient shave, I’m not really worried about cost either.

  15. It also might be the most efficient, honestly. I have my own personal gripes with it over the Supply or OneBlade.

  16. Double check your warranty booklet for "Auxillary Power Unit (APU)" that is the component name for the REX engine. I looked up the MY2014 booklet and seems like it's under a 15/150K FEDERAL warranty. Also note the CA warranty is really effective for CARB states, which include not just CA, but also NY and NJ. This means if the cause of the issues were due to a fuel tank, you would be covered.

  17. Does this really mean that the REx parts are covered under warranty for any and all failures?

  18. I have this same issue. The cleanest shaves come from 2-3 days. 1-2 days makes it feel like the stubble was barely cut and just irritated.

  19. I would throw OneBlade Genesis into the mix as one of the most luxurious razors of all-time.

  20. In the age of streaming it’s almost impossible to make a living off of music unless you’re Bruno Mars, or produce for Bruno Mars.

  21. I just got a Genesis (super-tough beard and soft skin) and am getting the best shaves of my life. Using Stirling soap with it.

  22. I'm late to this post, but I had a Hybrid and liked it and decided to splurge on a Genesis. There's a significant difference in shave quality between the two. The Genesis is just... tighter, the tolerances are finer for production and that translates to a better fit for the blade and a better shave. I really like it. The blades are really 1-time use only, but I shave every 2-3 days, so it's not that much of an expense. I get Acqua di Parma shave cream for brush from AllBeauty for like $50 and it lasts about a year.

  23. Truth be told I might move on from my Hybrid for the foreseeable future until they can produce a Genesis that’s more practical and modern possibly using standard DE blades.

  24. Was it a different version? Are you able to install the exact version you previously used?

  25. How many people made their grooming changes after weight loss or some other change in their health? I've noticed I'm taking more pride in myself and appearance.

  26. Hah, that's quite a coincidence. Glad you noticed a difference after cleaning as well, and sorry about the nicks. It definitely took me a while before I really got adept at not cutting myself, but it's pretty rare now and very minor, nothing a little styptic can't handle. Definitely ease up on the pressure and let the blade do the work.

  27. Ideally there should be no pressure at all. I’ve just become dissatisfied with the closeness and have been getting a little overly aggressive as a result.

  28. Not me, love my Genesis. It's way better than the Hybrid. You might try thoroughly cleaning your razor, I had some old dried shave cream in hidden spots that reduced the shave quality, but after running it through our sonic cleaner it was like new again.

  29. Funny you mention that since I have my Hybrid soaking in dish soap as we speak.

  30. The question is of development: how will bones and joints develop on emicizumab? Also, will factor VIII be well-tolerated down the line if needed?

  31. Good question. As someone with a 19 month old who has been on it since around 6 months old and he is doing great with it. We have seen no devolvement issues. He is in top percentages of height and weight. Joints are all doing well, has good range of motion and no issue walking/running around. I know its a small sample size but so far it has been a great drug for my family.

  32. This is also my experience. I don’t actually need to shave every day but I see wet shaving as some sort of therapy! I’m starting to consider “shaving” every day with a razor without a blade just for the therapeutic effect :)

  33. You sound like me. I also find wet shaving to be therapeutic, but the best shaves come from 3-4+ days of growth. Any less and the result is minimal with added potential for irritation. It’s like the longer hairs get cut down much more effectively for a smoother result.

  34. Fellow army guy here, I’ve tried the DE stuff for almost 3 years and still got neck irritation. Shavette was better but took too much time.

  35. Right now I only have the core. Looking to upgrade soon

  36. Sotd All gifted to me. Razor- Hanson AL-13+ Blade- Gillette 7 o'clock Cream/ aftershave balm- mistrial bourbon vanilla Brush- body shop

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