[Postgame Thread] Marshall Defeats Notre Dame 26-21

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  1. My question isn’t if it was a DPI, it’s the consistency of the crappy reffing. Be consistent on your shitty calls!

  2. I mean the last few flags have favored us but I’m so sick of this zebra show. Always making it about themselves.

  3. Everyone go look at the Mizzou Georgia game

  4. Tiger bros game and giving us all heart palpitations. Name a better duo.

  5. Razorbacks!!! Sooooooeeeeyyyyy! Shoot…wrong thread. I don’t even recognize myself anymore

  6. It was fun in the late 2000’s when Arkansas seemed to have our number every year

  7. We could be 10-0 and they could be 0-10 and they would still take us to triple OT

  8. that touchdown was ultimate "no no no NO NO N-YES YES!" material

  9. {LSU} players finally looking like they're hungry. MSU won't go down without a fight though. 31-28 Tigahs.

  10. I really appreciated Sawing Varsity's Horns Off at halftime the first LSU/A&M game at Kyle field after the SEC merge. I was in a sea of Aggies by my lonesome and it was a delight to be included. One of the best away game experiences I've ever had!

  11. They're trying to interview security guards now lmao

  12. After the absolute tongue lashing from ND in the LSU/FSU thread last weekend, this is euphoric.

  13. In my mind I thought they should’ve gone for two for this effing scenario here. LSU had no business winning this game

  14. GG Cats. Every bit as good as advertised. I see glimmers of hope for the Cowboys. Defense made leaps and bounds. Need to get some rhythm on offense and we’ll have a good shot at a conference title.

  15. Montana state about to break this game wide open. It was fun while it lasted!

  16. Arkansas Kentucky SEC Championship this year pls

  17. Not ashamed to say I shed a tear at this episode. So good.

  18. I watched it on my lunch break at work and my lip kept quivering. What an accomplishment for this entire team! I am so amped to see what they come up with in Season 2 and any work thereafter!

  19. I loved this episode but did anyone else get major chills as they transitioned to talking about the music for the show? I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Part 4!!!

  20. Miranda and Jack is always a fun one, as long as it's like post-ME3 or during ME3 when Miranda has cut ties with Cerberus and Jack is learning how to be functional people (also they get to have a pet dog varren??)

  21. I’ve always been a huge fan of Miranda/Jack during or post ME3. In my mind they both go on each other’s loyalty mission in ME2 and it plants the seed and gives them perspective.

  22. He’s there from the beginning and supports Shepherd in a big way each game. It’s the slow build and the unwavering loyalty for me. I say this playing as a lesbian who never romances a guy. If I was straight, or a gay man, I’d 100% romance Garrus. He’s total BroTP for my femshep though. I love that guy. I ship Tali/Garrus but could totally see Shep (male or female) have a happily ever after with him too.

  23. I don't like porn much (if) at all. I do like a good fanfiction to get me in the mood. Never told my wife, pretty embarrassed about it though I know she'd just chuckle.

  24. Ryan Perilloux (sp?). One of the first times I was genuinely excited for QB potential at LSU only to have it fizzle out just as quickly.

  25. Looks like her mother but gives the warmest/sweetest hugs like her father

  26. Should’ve been Emma and Regina. I stopped watching before it got to this season.

  27. Hate what she did but love her character. She absolutely progressed the conflict and really pushed the story along. I hope we still see plenty of her next season even if it’s not interacting with Vi.

  28. This is the central love story, like it or not. They wouldn’t do us the disservice by not showing their first kiss on screen. Agree with you 100%

  29. This guy has far and away the best reviews. Just watched the one about the cliffhanger ending on my lunch break. This video you posted might be his best I’ve watched so far.

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