1. Congratulations to the Senate democrats for suddenly pulling ahead & winning surprise victories By the perfect margins 4 days after polls close In the dead of night Only in states with mail in voting For the 2nd time in a row. We’d never seen anything like it In 244yrs.

  2. oh, you poor, sad little magat. so sad that your red hat wearing personal jesus was actually a drain on the GQP.

  3. If you look into it, she lied about the whole thing, supports trans and homophobic causes and supports forced birth/anti bodily autonomy causes.

  4. It's a lot nicer and more clear to get your info about people from people just my 2 cents

  5. google's first result on a search for trans man leads directly to the wikipedia entry.

  6. I do know that the "phobias" are a problem, but it is just way nicer to actually be able to converse with people about this stuff, as it can be quite complicated (I suppose my question is a bit on the simple side of things). I'm just here to learn, as someone who grew up in a very right winged family I never learned any of this and it is genuinely very interesting.

  7. I honestly would not go that far…or even close it to 99%…I’ve had trans vaginas and cis vaginas (im a trans woman with my original parts). There is variation with all vaginas…but it’s not as drastic. Depth, smell, stretch, ridges and sometimes placement can very greatly between trans and cis vaginas.

  8. Without prior knowledge, 99.999% percent of people can't tell a difference.

  9. I’m experiencing confirmation bias but you are stating that 99.999 percent of people can’t tell the differences. Y’all are funny and weird…but okay. 99.999 percent of the population can’t tell…cope is a mf.

  10. I suggest researching the crime rates and homicide per capita for your friend’s hometown. If it’s Chicago, at one point fairly recently it was safer to deploy to Afghanistan than to live in Chicago. Crazy stat, but yikes.

  11. depends what part of Chicago, of course, but the name Chi-raq was not given lightly.

  12. Blue states in the USA are very safe for trans people. Illinois is definitely a good state to visit if your trans

  13. big cities in blue states are safe. rural areas in blue states are less so.

  14. yes, yes, yes, we should be respectful of local customs, especially when those local customs are homophobic, transphobic, racist, and misogynistic...

  15. prazosin hive! it is a game changer for the night nasties eh

  16. yeah, the very few times my prescription has run out before i got a refill have been bad nights.

  17. sorry to hear. mainly SA and family shite here but even when they pop up on praz dreams its easier to dispassionately observe plus u tend to forget em faster and im a dream remember in general

  18. it's interesting, most TERFs/GC types don't even acknowledge trans men.

  19. head on over to AyL, and they will tell you that anyone who isn't a cis woman that exclusively loves other cis women isn't a lesbian.

  20. Some of the folk there, and on other big anti-trans hideout (not naming it cos they go searching for mentions, but let's just say it involves mothers), are so deeply invested in hating that they are willing to support the guy running a certain "green fruit producer" doxxing site. Some were even allegedly donating money to him & his site.

  21. the venn diagram between KF, ovarit, and the the other one you mentioned is almost a perfect circle.

  22. Yeah. But it's still slight discombobulating. One group comprised of "feminists", supporting outright misogynists, simply because they both hate the same things.

  23. TERFs aren't actually feminists...

  24. ugh i keep getting conflicting info… google says its fine, someone on resdit goes “dont! theyll detain u!” someone else on reddit says “i did that too, brought my own pain meds and there was no issues” another redditor says “dont theyll detain u!” 😩

  25. i've heard too many bad stories about people getting detained for me to want to risk.

  26. Yeah but have you ever had a perfect rare?

  27. that's acceptable, but i prefer mine a bit less rare.

  28. The correct way to cook a steak is to chop it up in little bits, mash it into a patty, cook it all the way through, and melt cheese on it.

  29. that's also true (except for the cook it all through, i like my burgers medium rare, as well)

  30. I’m the same way. Currently dating a fellow trans woman and have generally just always had great interactions with trans women. I think it’s that we have a shared experience so we don’t feel as weird sharing our fears and insecurities with each other. That and the fact that I’m 6ft tall and their isn’t a huge amount of cis women my height. It sounds stupid but dating someone the same height as me has been a huge confidence booster since I’m not towering over her like a giraffe. It also means there’s no “big spoon” “little spoon” drama. We’re just spoons…. Lol

  31. Then I have interaction like today when I went to get my flu and Covid booster shots. The nurse was 4ft something and I towered over her like Gandalf to hobbits. I felt like we were different species.

  32. Sounds about right 👍 free country. Go to France or sum if you want it to be an American lifestyle

  33. oh, how special of you. being a transphobe pretty much means you are a fascist bigot.

  34. in addition to everything else that is wrong, if this guy is getting a $30k tacx return, he is even more of an idiot.

  35. i wear light makeup for two reasons

  36. the sooner the better. delaying it won't change the results, but it might make her feel like you have been hiding something from her (which you have, already. don't delay it any longer)

  37. he/him is an incredibly common insult used against trans women, and she/her against trans men, so those should be avoided as well

  38. She has a point. We just want to exist. But we cannot exist in a homophobic society. They won't let us.

  39. I hate the change and the fact gender needs to be inclusive, but it still lets you get by with calling yourself a lesbian even if your partner decides to identify as whatever else. A lesbian is a female homosexual, regardless of gender identity, names, pronouns, or appearance. Only way I'll ever accept someone saying non man, but even then a lesbian that goes by Mike and passes as male is still a homosexual female so that point is moot. It should remain homosexual female, that's gender inclusive already.

  40. In an odd way I find it kind of to circle back to being a bit offensive to many of the groups it seeks to include. I don't begrudge people genital preferences, but it seems like 'non-men' just means AFAB. It seems almost invalidating in some ways because by that approach, it seems like still viewing am AFAB nb as a woman and a an AMAB nb as a man.

  41. couple of studies have shown that 20% of cis lesbians are willing to date trans men, but only 18% are willing to date trans women.

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