Nicholas Latifi gets through into q3!!

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  1. oh no JJ. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ this is just embarrassing

  2. holy shit! 2 years with AT. show he’s got pace. then boom! he’s the #2 at Red Bull. way better than a seat at Mclaren or Alpine.

  3. they would have to retire at least 1 car a race + no wins

  4. even if it’s just a donut media story i would love it. hearing them in game is gonna so weird after watching their videos in the background all the time when i play.

  5. they panicked lmao. they knew max would catch charles but they also hadn’t run a second compound and there was too much race left for softs so they panicked and went hard even tho it was a awful tyre. what a joke of a team

  6. i wish there were more than just 2 loading screens as well.

  7. we all want it too but now ya gotta pay to show how bad you want it

  8. the success rate for passes on the outside at that turn has to be below 10%. not to mention that the cost for not sticking the pass is ending up in the gravel. it was very dumb

  9. jesus christ people. i don’t want lewis to win either but that’s as far as i go. what the fuck is wrong with people?

  10. perez is lucky there’s a sprint. more laps to catch up to the leader. same for lewis. it’s why lewis won in brazil last year. if he got that penalty and had to start at the back without a sprint he would not have won that race.

  11. I heard a theory that it was anakin showing up obi-wan and that he knew all his moves and how to beat him so he was kind of taunting him.

  12. revenge is one of the things that will blind a sith. nothing else mattered kylo when luke showed up.

  13. if they can bring maul back from the dead then mace can. maul was undeniably dead in canon until filoni asked lucas if he could bring him back. the only problem is they would have to recast mace at this point (something that i know some fans will hate) or do an animated show.

  14. imo the crafter should be an “option” and not a “requirement” for getting items

  15. it’s for GTA Online but on tiktok there’s an account run by a guy that rams people off tracks and he gets hundreds of thousands of views and likes

  16. Did he tell you what they were talking about so long?

  17. No I forgot to ask. He was just telling me how it’s the second time he’s had to assist perez on track following a crash.

  18. it’s going to be the only time he races in montreal in F1 so we better

  19. yea exactly. in fangio’s day there were like 10 races a season and the cars broken down all the time

  20. i know it’s early but that second sector by leclerc may be the greatest quali sector of the season.

  21. i know i’m gonna sound like an asshole but the race in 2016 wasn’t called the azerbaijan gp, it was called the european gp

  22. I’d say that by the end of the season you could consider them the 2nd greatest driver pairing in Red Bull History. Right now they’re probably 3rd.

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