To bully a dog

A glowing commendation for all to see

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

  1. Professional slob, I mean dang that’s nasty.

  2. I’ve carried one everyday for a couple years and it’s awesome. Hoods a charge great and the clip is very good.

  3. She was shopping for an ass kicking and found it on isle three.

  4. That’s quite a beauty. Great work. Thanks for sharing friend.

  5. Cool,looking good buddy. Thanks for sharing

  6. Sweet little fork. Hope it shoots well. Thanks for sharing friend

  7. Watch Spiderwick chronicles and it will all be explained

  8. Gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing friend

  9. I bought ten of these to give to my buddies at work. Great treat knives for friends

  10. Welcome to the party pal. Thanks for sharing friend

  11. I love cats,just can’t eat a whole one by myself. JK. We’ve got four of them and they sure can make your day better. Enjoy

  12. Carbon fiber buyout and para-3. They’re all nice, thanks for sharing

  13. Awesome,congratulations friend. Nice setup

  14. That’s awesome. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing friend

  15. So beautiful. I would love to own one. Thanks for sharing friend

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