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  1. It’s a good start, but I’d like to see things like soy sauce fish gone as well. Takeaway sushi seems to generate a lot of plastic waste in general that isn’t addressed by this ban, eg; the flimsy container

  2. Here in WA my local sushi place puts it in this cute little cardboard box with awesome traditional Japanese artwork on it. This should be the default.

  3. Yeah I’ve seen some cardboard boxes too, but they’re all non recyclable case they’re coated in that plastic shit (atleast the ones I’ve seen)

  4. I’m going to say no to iPads as well for kids that young.

  5. I agree, it breeds terrible habits and makes them reliant on technology. I don’t think that’s particularly healthy. That being said, the commenter can do whatever they want

  6. There isn't anything inherently wrong with relying on technology since it promotes a bunch of positive skills.

  7. I completely agree. But I think giving your kid and iPad whenever they cause a fuss lead to the second point

  8. It's possible. Blue balls is essentially pain or discomfort from excess pressure in the area. It's excess blood pressure, though, not built up semen.

  9. Yeah and I’ve said it before. A great solution to blue balls is having a fucking wank and not being a pussy.

  10. Sex and intimacy can also activate your attachment styles and bring up some emotional grief. Sometimes it’s not about sex but being cared for.

  11. I always figured I'd brain someone with my helmet if gear was all I had for a weapon. The idea of causing a TBI with the very thing designed to prevent it is too delicious to pass up.

  12. I think I’d go the gloves. In fact I’d maybe even wear gloves if I had time to prepare for a fight and I needed weapons

  13. I was super lucky during the first lock down. My job shut down but continued to pay us, and then offered us bonuses if you worked from home (but you could "opt out" and still continue receiving your pay) so I was being paid to sit at home for months. I think about how I was the most relaxed and stress free I've ever been.

  14. Yeah it was like that in Australia too. The government just paid us all $750 a week to exist for a while there. I still did a bit of work during that time but it was nothing

  15. Yeah, I’ve fucked up people hours accidentally when paying them before. If they come to me and ask I’ll fix it. If I was trying to fuck them i guess I’d ignore them but that was never the case haha just a mistake

  16. There are various treats people like to make with that shape specifically during christmas time. One kind is when you take a small chocolate like a hershey's kiss or a Rolo and melt it slightly inside of a pretzel ring.

  17. His point was that because it’s machine made it’s good, not sure how you missed that one

  18. Inconsistency is the biggest issue in debating politics in my opinion and the sole reason I refuse to talk about it with anyone who can’t listen to both takes and decide for themselves

  19. Naw he deflected it a bit. He was going to land with all his weight on his neck.

  20. He head would literally have folded back if it weren’t for the ref

  21. Maybe because bingeing 8 movies can be best done over winter break.

  22. I reckon cause the first one starts with gift giving it seems fun, and then your realise fuck may as well watch the rest, and then it took off

  23. I like roddys music, he’s top 2 all time for me. Whether he’s fallen off or not isn’t really the most pressing issue to me. If he makes more good music, I’ll be fucking happy. If he doesn’t I’ll keep listening to his old shit and eventually treat him like a classic and still enjoy his shit. As a person if he succeeds or falls off? Couldn’t care less I don’t know the guy

  24. Lmao you reckon homie edited this years wrapped art onto a old caption? In a sub with like 20 active niggas in it? All for clout? Why would anyone do that

  25. In 2019 I was top .01% in the world I don’t remember the hours

  26. Is not caring about something really an unpopular opinion?

  27. The World Cup is fun cause it’s a bunch of countries and the ability to be a bit patriotic if you want. It’s really easy to ignore you just have to ignore it.

  28. Lol agree. I was trying to get on the tram last week this dude just standing in the doorway, not moving back. He eventually moved when starting climbing in but fucken hell, what are you trying to do, not like the tram was packed. Do people get high from trying to fuck over people?

  29. They legalised cbd in Paris, that’s why they’re all friendly now. Was night and day compared to when I was there 7 years ago!!

  30. 2015 was a big year for terror attacks for France too could have been a factor

  31. If we're booked solid we have a pretty strict 2 hour seating window in regular seating but we have a few private dining rooms where you essentially just book the room for the night.

  32. Same at my hotel. If they are really late they get bumped to first available which is never

  33. First available for me is call events tomorrow and try again haha

  34. The ability to speak freely without fear of government prosecution and interference. Everyone’s always been able to speak freely between each other

  35. Yes, which means you will have endure them complaining because they have every right to do so.

  36. Of course they have every right, I never said anything against it I just said it was an interesting take

  37. My nigga deadass uploaded a picture of his dookie 💀 he either 12 or retarded or both

  38. You can’t seat yourself in our restaurants. You could try but there is a bunch of hostesses who actually are like hostess ninjas 🥷 and the bitter dining room captain who scares me so bad I almost leave a puddle. I don’t understand the “I promise bitches” that know damn well you can’t walk in and seat ur ass at a dirty table. I have a friend whose weiner may or may not have touched the plate

  39. Yeah we have ninja hostesses too, plus every section waiter has access to the bookings, and with that access they can tell when someone’s seated in a table that isn’t for them and if it was a walk-in, the host would tell them

  40. Ohhhh that's so true! Our bodies may react easier to the pollens. Why is it that our wind is fucked? Are we a windier state, in general? Are we a higher hayfever state, in general too?

  41. Victoria gets more wind for half the year (winter/spring) because of pressure differences in different pressure systems (high and low)

  42. Once you make that much you're just going to be salaried and working 80 hrs a week anyways.

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