1. I had the Chicago color wave they are not very comfortable, very heavy, and rubbed on my ankle so you have to wear high socks ! I sold them for 25$

  2. This was the main thing I noticed was that they rub on my anckles if I don’t wear high socks other than that I find them pretty comfortable!

  3. Yeah probably! I’ve never been able to afford “nice” shoes 😂 when I saw these I wanted to buy them because even for 8$ I would appreciate the value of them and they are cool imo. These are my first Jordan’s and I’m really happy to have them because I know it’s not something I could have normally and it makes me happy to wear them Regardless of their worth.

  4. well itll illuminate the plants nicely, but due to the lack of spectrum it wont do much for growth

  5. Thank you! the plants seem to be a little happier with at least some light. The bulb does give off some heat aswell which I’m finish they have been liking. All of my props have rooted since putting the light up. But I must admit I dont know much about plants or if that would effect them. I think they’re happier than they were though. I’ll definitely look into the proper spectrums of light to promote growth!

  6. Just remember doorways go both ways. It’s not just you that has access to them.

  7. Makes sense, because i tried again and some doors was closed or opened really hard…

  8. Some people can lock their doors. It’s a way to prevent people just walking through their mind. And like them some people will leave their doors open for messages to flow in.

  9. One sold 3 days ago on eBay for 180$ it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Just because it’s not worth 175$ to you doesn’t mean everyone else will see it not being worth that amount.

  10. woah!! she’s a beauty 😍 how did u go about getting those dark scratch marks off?

  11. I used a product called peek! It works AMAZING for removing metal utensil marks and scuffs. It’s a metal/ceramic polish so it’s a little bit abrasive but not much. You only need a TINY amount and a paper towel to wipe with. It’s fairly cheap I got a big tube for 10$ at the hardware store. It’s lasted me like a year already and I’ve barely made a dent in the tube 😂I then used a little bit of toothpaste to polish the glass a bit and then washed in a warm bath of dawn dish soap.

  12. It was common for older decks to come with a blank card, to substitute into the deck in case you lose a card.

  13. Thank you. I just find it so odd that it’s appeared now after all this time. I lost the box years ago so I’ve always just had the loose deck and I’ve never seen the blank one before.

  14. A couple decks I have have a blank card (just the backing). I was wondering why, as well.

  15. I know some decks have blank cards it was just so strange to have it appear after so long.

  16. I found an extra 79th blank card after 7 years of using my rider Waite deck and I’m not sure what to make of it. I wasn’t asking any questions or doing any spread. I was walking though my house and this tarot card was on the floor and then when I flipped it over it was completely blank.

  17. Put bay leaves in your shoes. It will help you “Follow the money”

  18. these are beautiful and cheap but probably not ethically sourced and a lot of people tend to loook over how these mineral crystals and fossils are actually mined and taken from the earth in very dangerous and un ethical ways. The impact it has not only on the people of those places where they are mined but the ecosystems as a whole. But no one thinks about that because they all just want more crystals to fit the aesthetic😅

  19. For liquids mine usually evaporate. For food it’s usually taken. If they don’t accept. It goes mouldy.

  20. Those are Jimmy Choos, would be 10x that price new at least so if they're in decent condition at all it's actually not a bad deal

  21. They were falling apart. Holes in the toes and the sole wasn’t very connected anymore.

  22. The shoes were literally falling apart. There were holes in the soles and toes of the shoes 😅 so. Idk. How much should a pair of 1500$ falling apart shoes be worth? Probably as much as someone’s willing to pay. I was not willing to pay that amount. Maybe someone else was. Just like their 70$ fisher price toys and 84$ leather jackets. It’s worth what someone wants to pay.

  23. It’s not red or anything And we have 3cats but he’s the only one with it. He’s always had thin hair above his eyes but on his ear he’s got a spot missing it. It’s not red or warm abd it doesn’t look infected. It just looks like he waxed a tiny fit on his ear.

  24. .-. I like how you just assumed they were not handicap because the drive a truck and parked a lil funny. They very well could be handicap and if that’s the case I sincerely hope you check the dash before posting this. So. Did you check the dash?

  25. People are selling JNCO for maaad bucks right now. Like upwards of $200, you’re so lucky!!!

  26. Holy shit.. I got them for 5$ because jeans were 50% off 😭

  27. I don’t know if there’s a term for it but I call them stitching witches. 😅

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