1. Are these things just Alan’s personal shopping list? What do we think he does with the stuff?

  2. Yes, even when in my 30s my parents say this to me, as I live at home, I also get told not to go off with strange ladies ,

  3. Grandpa Joe probably worked half a minute and decided to retired take his pension and got back into bed and shouted whole day wasted

  4. 9 or 10, I don't untie them these days, so I can slip the shoes on and off

  5. 43,204 sheep notice that the main thread is going really slowly currently

  6. Yes and I take photos of my poos , and give each one a name

  7. Yes I also take photos of my poos , a collection of poo photos.

  8. Grandpa Joe would not be driving the car he would want a bed install in the back of the car, or the bed tied to the back of the car with a screen protecting him so he does not get rained on.

  9. If you had temporary jobs via employment agencies , it better to fill a gap on your CV ,

  10. We had a balcony once as it was a good deal being 3 in the party.

  11. I am not a parent, so can I say my niece, It has to be Ben and Holly Little Kingdom, the banter between the Wise Old Elf and Nanny Plum over magic, my nieces watches mainly Bluey, Hey Duggee, Baby Jake and Peppa Pig

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