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  1. I do shots of water all the time. Definitely adds to the mood, fake drinking with customers.

  2. I think the whole quest the last two weeks being way easier to do in Master is just a ploy to try and get more people to take that first step and use lfg

  3. Worked on me lol. Never even attempted to look at joining anything on master difficulty before.

  4. The older I’ve gotten, the more I dislike long open world games. I really just want some straightforward. Having a kid did this really.

  5. As an adult with limited time to play games, Fable has been one of my favorite games to play in my free time. I've played it countless times since i was in high-school but the progression and diversity in choice making make it a refreshing game to come back to every now and then when I just want something that I can finish within a week or two depending on how busy my life is.

  6. I'm so with you on this. Been playing since rise of iron d1 and I've never done a raid cause I get anxious about joining people cause I don't wanna mess up and piss someone off

  7. Talk to your manager. Tell them you are uncomfortable with the way you are treated and that you will be rude to customers if you feel you are being wronged. If your manager takes their side, quit that job on the spot. No good manager will let their staff be treated like that without any action in your defense.

  8. Dont tell me to man up kid ive done more shit in my life than you ever will i asked a damn question not for your opinion.

  9. You asked for their advice and they gave you their advice. Grow up, loser.

  10. Even if it they just released them in an offline version you could download and play through that would be cool.

  11. I've been running with Ashen Wake lately and it's been a really fun solar grenade build. It can be waaayy too much fun in mayhem as well and I don't even like pvp that much

  12. I really wouldn't hold my breath on that one chief. Solar 3.0 launched with the majority of solar exotics not applying scorch and what not

  13. What weapon is that? Seems like a arc machine gun.

  14. I have actually seen a guy eat the lemon and lime garnishes, rind and all, from their long Island.

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