Musya with one lung. She was attacked by a dog. Her owner didn't have any opportunities to cure her so I decided to help. She went through two surgeries, two blood transfusions, CT scan + 2 months of pleurocentesis every week. But now she is healthy and happy cat and loves me immensely.

I needed this today

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  1. Seriously. 35 books is like multiple trips from the store to the car. There is no way someone wouldn't be aware of how strange giving that number of books would be.

  2. I've never seen this (or I don't remember). Is this Aja?

  3. Trixie's tshirt has a photo of Bob being arrested during a protest in NYC. For marriage equality, I think.

  4. https://giphy.com/gifs/13B40FkhzSC2c

  5. I've had a post or two removed for "low effort." I spend hours photoshopping them. And crafting concise titles. :(

  6. I had a feeling this wasnt going to end well for Samantha when she tried to have the judge removed for being an Obama appointee to the bench. She said that the judge's impartiality would be questioned because Meghan knows the Obamas.

  7. Everybody is all crockpot, crockpot, crockpot. But to me that's a waste of a crockpot.

  8. For me that's a pass - I can't even use regular Windex because the ammonia in it makes my lungs sieze up. The benefit of the crock pot is no harsh chemicals needed.

  9. Well, there is that. Ammonia is right noxious.

  10. I have been camping out there since the 80's. It is so vast. We would see the trains and they looked like tiny toys but many had hundreds of cars on them.

  11. Southern California, in which case, I think your line about them not doing much with it will definitely be true for my situation lol.

  12. I hate that fucking thing. I can't tell you the number of times it's almost tripped me off of the ladder.

  13. no no i got a good review. it was just his comments. i feel like it’s not a strong enough case to take to HR, they were subtle and could be argued against me or say i’m reading too much into it:(

  14. Yup. And that's the thing about bordering (sexual harassment) and a person like this supervisor.

  15. As the morning crew that comes in to deal with the aftermath of this everyday: I just assume it's either pulls or backstock and it takes like 5 seconds to figure it out and take care of lol

  16. If I worked that department I’d strike up a deal with the collectors. I’ll leave the boxes unopened. You stock the shelves and buy what you want

  17. If we did anything of the sort we'd be fired on the spot. I don't know anyone who would risk it.

  18. The normal dough really is better. I'll just keep lying to myself that microwaving it for like :30 is enough to kill the germs.

  19. No amount of freezing or heating will rid the toxins that are left behind from the bacteria growing in it.

  20. I love your decision to leave that patch! It’s too bad the glue marks really mess up the pattern.

  21. I usually get about 16,500 steps. Today I'm at 17,872. I like my job. I look at it like I'm being paid to exercise.

  22. Being paid to exercise AND learn Spanish. Win-win!

  23. First number is the number of dpci’s or different items the system is asking you to pull, the number in ( ) would be the eaches or how many multiples of any given item it’s asking for. So 5(10) would be 5 different items but maybe 2 of each one so it totals to 10.

  24. Ah. Makes sense because the 5 Priority is part of the 121 One for One.

  25. Type it in the search bar, 01a 0601 d03 or whatever and it will act as if you scanned it

  26. I was hoping for an easy answer like this! Thank you!!

  27. If you don't want to go up there to scan the shelf, how will you scan the items on a shelf?

  28. I always thought she was a severe thunderstorm kind of girl. ⛈️🌪️

  29. I am using a good mask with double filters and gloves. I tried vacuuming it up but the bag is full so swiftly! Trying to dig it out damages the plaster where it bulges between the lathes ( I didn't care about that when making the video as I was making a hole for a light fitting). I feel like I need a huge tube and outdoor vacuum unit or something if I'm ever to get it out!

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