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  1. I think there's an increasing market for people who want out of big cities and to live in small, isolated towns with low costs of living. I hope at least, I want my small town to be strong again.

  2. I love that you are thinking this way. Small towns have so much potential.

  3. She knitted you a new pair of socks for the winter and if you lose them again, she will beet you.

  4. She spent all day making homemade applesauce for them.

  5. It’s Baltimore, there definitely will be murder…

  6. Of course a bloody school bus shows up lol

  7. I recommend watching with sound muted, as the footage is set to "sad" music.

  8. Hi, please repost with this title to meet the sub rules:

  9. Unlike the earlier post of this event, this vid has sound and is the full version.

  10. Mine had sound too. I always tick "make GIF" though as some subs dont like it when you upload the videos straight.

  11. Hmmm. Was the second post at least longer than yours?

  12. No I just thought I’d undo the directional discrimination that has plagued the southern hemisphere.

  13. If there is a bamboo nursery in Dallas, they will know of someone.

  14. He was a beautiful and giving spirit. He's on his way to gay heaven.

  15. Not creepy at all. I hope I die at home vs. a hospital.

  16. It's not my taste, but I love it. I appreciate that they turned it into an art project.

  17. I got banned from AITA, too! And I'm a (usually) mild-mannered old lady.

  18. And the gold chain arm details on R's bridal gown. Gorgeous. And the red sparkles in her hair.

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