The rising generation has shown a disturbing lack of awareness for the very finest candy bar known to man. I intend to do my part to correct this travesty this coming Halloween.

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  1. I'm 6'4". The difference may not look like a lot, but my joints would beg to differ. Also, my body fat percentage has drastically changed. Burned the fat. Starting to put on some muscle. Always a process.

  2. Damn, I'm overweight and my joints hurt like a mfer. I'm also 33 now so idk they didn't hurt as much when I was overweight when I was younger (weight has fluctuated a lot)

  3. Davis,Williams,DK or Olave? Already have AJ locked into WR1

  4. Just gotta say my anker speaker gas lasted me 7 years and it's battery freaking kicks ass

  5. I do feel bad for those of you so young that you only know winning Seahawks. This new era is your first taste of having a bad team. Many of us grew up with bad Seahawks. Just remember even in the bad times there are fun bright spots to enjoy - like Efran Herrera catching TD passes

  6. I feel the same way, which is why I chose them. Does help that I graduated recently and am eager to work, even if my degree is not in CS.

  7. Have you looked into Revature? They seemed predatory to me, but maybe something worth looking into.

  8. I haven’t but If I don’t get this chance, I’m definitely looking into other companies like Genesis10.

  9. Yeah the "explain?" To me seems a bit condescending, but an overreaction on their part forsure. I probably would have said, "can you try asking nicely?" Or something like that.

  10. You receive no training prior to the aptitude test. There's a web development course that you take an make a project out of that though, and the course is training.

  11. Can I ask how you scored on the two week course project? Do they mention if there is a cutoff on how you have to score?

  12. Are rated for anything it could be secondary too, like rhinitis or sinnitus?

  13. Lot of low effort answers here. I lived in both. Give you my highlights.

  14. I'm going to ignore the lazy personal attack and just focus on what a bad job of reading you're doing.

  15. Anybody here who doesn't think nutrageous bars aren't S tier are truly lost.

  16. She was pretty respectful about it though? People are allowed to have preferences. You guys need to chill.

  17. Yeah im with you on this 90% of the way...10% thinks just go on the date and if he's short, no second date

  18. My current favorite "Alpino" 64oz jar from Sam's club for $7.

  19. Yo can this go bad? I bought this from Costco a year ago and kept in my fridge

  20. Yikes, you had a kid with this dude? I'm a mama's boy and I wouldn't even do something like this. NTA

  21. Joe burrow got 15 with that same hit geno took when he went down wtf

  22. As someone who has managed a restaurant with a Fuckton of bachelorette parties. The loud WOOOOING and cheering without regard for others from those groups is annoying af and a ton of people will complain. Not saying what this lady did was right but like don’t go to an inside restaurant and scream your head off for ya girl. It’s rude. Other people are there to enjoy themselves. Half the time they are so tipsy from drinking around town they don’t realize how loud they are.

  23. Definitely wouldn't have acted like that, but I can imagine having to listen to that for over 30 minutes non stop would get fkn annoying. I wonder if she asked the staff to do something and they didn't do anything. I don't agree with the action, but I'd understand it

  24. It definitely is. I was just adding that they always find a way to get people to participate in this nonsense

  25. I don’t agree. They aggressively pushed back. I would have done the same thing. These little fascists need to be fought everywhere they appear.

  26. I think the Chargers' uniform colors are absolutely awesome in all their different combinations, but I just can't love the lightning bolt logo no matter how hard I try. It looks like if you gave an 8-year old access to 1996-era clip art and told him to come up with a logo, and the team deserves better.

  27. What would be a better look? I personally think it looks classic

  28. Yup lots of rapes ans hangings in the UP...that yooper spirit

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