1. Looks like a good way to burn your dick

  2. How? I don’t holster after mag dumps. Also don’t carry AIWB

  3. I’m a fed and AIWB is the best way to conceal carry/draw. If r handed either the 2o’clock position or the 10 o’clock position.

  4. I don’t think this post is gonna get the positive response you think it will…

  5. Ok, what the actual fuck is going on with the rifle?!

  6. I’m glad they finally figured out what we’re after

  7. I like everything but the price. Run 100%. Makes the 15 into a 20+1 and the 17 into a 23+1

  8. It’s a safariland that I used army navy fabric and spray adhesive to camo

  9. I’ve heard from neighbors they aren’t interested in getting help. That’s part of why I’m hoping the County would force the issue

  10. The house that you are inquiring about is not just any regular abandoned and boarded-up house.

  11. I know, I saw it happen. Thinking that not seeing it boarded up will help getting the terrible memories to fade more quickly.

  12. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did I’d like to come back as her shorts.

  13. It needs an EOTECH and suppressor stop being poors

  14. Nightforce is the only one with the right reticle to capture the drop at 600+

  15. That bag actually looks pretty sick. Did they have them in black?

  16. Not sure if it comes in black. This is what they had at the random surplus store. It also fits perfectly in the bottom of my center console so it’s not seen much anyway.

  17. Looks sharp. How do you like the Icarus compared to the stock grip? Also, what model Icarus is that?

  18. So far I really like it. I was able to mod my existing holsters to work with the wider rail so it’s identical feeling to carry. The weight isn’t really noticeable but tbd feel is fantastic and in dryfire it points really nice. Less palm swell than the Wilson I was using. It’s also cold first thing in the morning when it hits my skin but that’s no real surprise. This is the grip:

  19. 365xl that I’ve carried about 2 years Holosun 507k Mag guts gets me to 15 I’m a fan. Still fits in some normal holsters I had for the XL

  20. It’s what I wear. Doesn’t track shit but the time

  21. Drove an FJ for 6 years in the desert heat. Only needed an alternator. Sold for more than I paid for it. Going on 5 years in my gx460. Only now need breaks. I’m a fan of the brand. “Outdated” tech? Yeah absolutely. But runs forever with the basics done.

  22. I’ve actually considered setting up the same, not for tactical use but for a grab quick and head out on a hike and have supplies kind of thing

  23. To make one legally would be 5-600 or so, depending On the gun used for the base. In state NFA is annoying, out of state NFA is a complete pain in the ass and most avoid it. Best bet would be to keep it or trade it into a local shop cheap if you just don’t want it anymore, but anything that’s not a MG is basically a sunk cost in my book

  24. That long on the can or SBR? I’m at ~8 months on my eFile can and one week for my SBR. This makes me sad.

  25. I just got an Icarus grip after running the Wilson for about a year (no weights). The feel is 10x better and the added ounces are fantastic

  26. I know Red Fox but can’t find anything good on the other one?

  27. 2 year old 365xl was updated today with a buddy’s old Icarus grip. Mag guts gets me to 15 rounds in a tiny pocket rocket. Holosun 507k and I should probably break out the TRL now that it’s dark at lunch time. Still fits my old holsters too

  28. What bag? I have a Rattler that I am currently waiting on the paperwork for SBR.

  29. Same. I’m 1 week into the sbr wait and like 8 months into the 90’day eForm 4 can

  30. Ok, I’m gonna need a parts/build list, especially the light snd magwell. I’m 200+ days into my can wait and 4 into my eForm 1 or my rattler would look similar

  31. Okay. I’m not sure you explored all the options.

  32. Not disagreeing. I have some Cat 7 but only in my bag or truck. This fits in a pocket and mag pouch

  33. Checking his post history, seems like he favors his 1911. But looks like he has an S&W and a Wilson custom too (among other stuff lol) so it’s hard to guess.

  34. Favor the 1911 but was wearing my 365xl when this came in the mail. Popped out the mag for a size comparison because it’s smaller than the mags. Fun fact, the CT is about the same size/weight as a loaded 1911 mag

  35. I recommend only using one of the few certified tourniquets on the market such as the CAT, SWAT, or SOFFT. They are battle tested and will not fail you.

  36. I have Cat 7s Floating around but this has been sent for certification

  37. How's the Snakestaff feel. Wanna get one when I'm back in the states

  38. Hurts to apply. Got it on and cranked down hard enough to cut off my radial pulse to nothing palpable. Still a bit sore an hour later but the thing works

  39. What's the OTF Knife? How long have you had it? What's the finish on it? And do you daily carry it?

  40. Microtech combat troodon. I have carried it every day for like 5 years. Fires hard and works great for emergency stabbing and vehicle extraction but I’m a low risk office drone.

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