1. you can if you get it hot enough, has happened to me more than once with Tea Lights, the whole surface ignites like a Sterno jar.

  2. Yes, they are a fucking hazard. Top tip... Never leave the match in there after lighting. You create two wicks and double the heat flux. That's when it can potentially cause a fire beyond the tealight container.

  3. It was a case study I did in the fire service. Yep, people do that.

  4. Great, then what? Sit around for five hours while it cools?

  5. Him I could forgive. The rest of these fuckers who STILL insist I belong “in jail” “on an island” “jobless” “homeless” “family-less” and “friendless”?… can go run to Pfizer for their sympathy and support needs. I got nothing for you.

  6. I don't feel like a winner as someone who hasn't had it. My loved ones have had this jab and I'm gutted about that.

  7. No visual reference means that you could end up in any orientation, from a stall, to a steep bank, to a dive and not really be sure that it's happening. Having done hangliding (not paragliding as title says), you can experience what is called "cloud suck". It becomes very difficult to descend and the only real way is to perform shitty manoeuvres that have high drag. If you do it too late, this happens. BTW, I had a chute but never had to deploy it. Was told that it should save my life if I used it but it was the equivalent of jumping off a twelve foot high wall when hitting the ground. Best adventure I ever had was hangliding near Mont Blanc. Stunning views.

  8. He might be a war criminal you know. But I'll see credibility in that vote when Tony Blair is also indicted.

  9. Unfuckingbelievable. Utter bullshit from a war criminal.

  10. Yep, you have no value as a non-worker. Get back to work so others can profit from your labour.

  11. I always think that when people out and out dismiss something, that is a strange standpoint to take. Reason being that we know as much as we do right now ONLY. Just like 200 years ago, if we showed someone a person, in a tiny piece of glass, talking to us live from the other side of the world, there's every chance it'd be seen as magic.

  12. The dude had a mother that was hounded by the press and followed at high speed that lead to a crash in which she was mortally injured. I wonder how all you that slate him would be in his circumstances.

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