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  1. I always use Yoga with Kassandra. She is very slim herself, but gives plenty of modifications to poses and vinyasas to help your body do what is best for it. FWIW, I am size 14/16, and have decided to pursue yoga teacher training thanks to her videos!

  2. Haha I told him he can wear it anytime he's not eating because I don't want to try and clean stains out of white yarn! But I made him a sweater last year that he wears all the time, so I think we are past the sweater curse 😊

  3. Thank you! I'm glad other people think so too, I doubted myself more than once.

  4. I am looking for a program right now and I find reviews extremely important. $3,000+ is A LOT of money to drop on something that isn't worth it. Please, for the sake of others seeking training programs, leave an honest review! We appreciate it a lot! 😊

  5. Ogden’s North Street Diner. Super cute spot with classic diner food. Maybe I’m biased as a vegan, but their tofu scramble is top notch! BF (not vegan) likes Carrie’s Favorite Scramble or the pancakes. Very affordable as well, and the hash browns are always perfect.

  6. Huh I kinda hated their tofu scramble! Maybe I caught them on a weird special? Or it’s only good fresh (I took it to go)?

  7. It is definitely better fresh, but I’ve only had it to go once. Broccoli, spinach, red peppers, and a tahini sauce (with tofu obvi) is their normal blend. I had no idea Mickey’s even had brunch, maybe I’ll check it out sometime. (As long as it doesn’t have celery…Monty’s has celery in it 🤢 and it’s the worst!)

  8. I am similar in size to you and smell is only an issue at the end of a hard, active day. I think these are side effects that need to be discussed with the doc who prescribed the medication. It sounds like there are things going on hormonally that can’t be addressed by washing or hygiene habits.

  9. It will also help to add interfacing. I’ve made several lined bags and they are still floppy with a lining. It just helps them not stretch out as much.

  10. I am legit baffled by Reddit's weird level of hate for the word female. I'm by no means a creepy neckbeard or anything, and I've used the term often. I also know many women who do as well.

  11. The issue mostly stems from men being referred to as “men” when in the same conversation, women are referred to as “females”. It’s dehumanizing and gross.

  12. It varies greatly. What do the organizer say? Is it a sales event? An educational event? A literal art show? A combination? Most events are curated and have a committee that decides who to invite from all the applicants. There’s usually a wide variety so people who come don’t just have table after table of all hats or all shawls…

  13. I see, so it really can be anything, depending on the show. That is helpful to know!

  14. Oh, I mean it depends on how big the show is. A small show will usually just let you enter whatever you want, but larger shows usually have divisions for wearables, home accessories, amigurumi, etc.

  15. Ah, I see what you mean! I believe it is a small show. I appreciate the input. I will probably have to wait until there are more details about the show because it is currently just in the planning stages. Thanks!

  16. PMDD is so awful. I thought mine was getting better on my ssri. Nope, I was taking a new BC that helped with PMDD. Got off it (TTC) and suddenly Major Depression.

  17. I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one who has PMDD without bc…I was on the NuvaRing for 7-8 years and had to go off it when my insurance at my last job stopped covering it. I am a mess now for about 10 days before my period where all I want to do is scream, cry, and destroy my belongings. Thankfully I have better insurance now and can start trying new bc options, but damn. PMDD is horrible.

  18. Do you mind sharing your shop name with me? I love ritual candles and want to check out what you’ve got!

  19. I think we should name this the “Delta Buns” series. This is only season 1. Just wait for next season. More buns; more drama!

  20. More dramatic than Bridgerton. Maybe Bunnerton?? 🤔

  21. The only reason they avoid infringement is because they haven’t been caught. Don’t do it! It’s theft, even if you avoid being reported.

  22. Joe Tupta, UW Health network. Idk if he is currently taking patients, but myself and family members have been patients of his for almost 20 years now. He is fantastic. Oh I should add that he’s a physical therapist.

  23. He is currently working with my mom on her back and neck after a fracture, and he has worked on my back multiple times over the years.

  24. Our property manager didn't really help us, as I understand she probably can't reimburse payments. Corporate does not provide an email and it is not anywhere on the internet that I can find, so I called and the receptionist emailed them for me. I will definitely demand the supervisors get this in writing.

  25. Also contact the Tenant Resource Center if things aren’t going well (or if you need further advice!) They are really great.

  26. Tbh this will only make me shop there more. Thanks for the info OP. I'll be going there first thing in the morning.

  27. UGH HE IS SO GROSS!!!! Ish! Goes to show that when you’re ugly on the inside, you’re ugly on the outside too 👏🏻 May he never know peace again ✨

  28. It is a scam. Drop shippers are everywhere, including Etsy. I’m not sure if you’ll have to wait until delivery, but you may be able to report the shop. If you don’t want to give the necklace to your mom, you can open a case with Etsy after delivery stating the item is not as described. The downside to this though is that Etsy itself as a company still makes money off the drop shippers so they don’t really have the motivation to remove them. It really sucks!

  29. Hi! I am also 29F (she/her) and was raised Catholic until about 12/13 - though I never got “permission” to leave haha. My current practice is very green witch/nature worship, and I’m not really deity-focused. I’m really trying to be more consistent in my practice.

  30. Even before I knew this glad I swapped pharmacies- they up-charge for medications like crazy too; not saying I always went there, but that was where my meds shipped to when I was still living with my mom

  31. Seriously, the upcharge is crazy! I have a medication that costs $290 for nine pills at Walgreens but $60 at Costco…

  32. FYI that kid was a high schooler from the greater Green Bay area. I overheard him telling the other dude he was standing with for awhile. I hope he eventually looks back at that day in shame. What an ignorant fool.

  33. If you live in a red state track this the hard way, use your notes app on your phone and then lock your phone with a code and not anything bio-metric.

  34. This is even less secure than using the Apple health app’s tracker. Might as well go back to using paper calendars.

  35. I wish I could take on another bun! He’s so cute. I’m curious what vet you took him too? Dr Bennets at Small Animal Hospital off North Ave is amazing and I recommend them to anyone with a bunny in their life! Thank you for doing right by him.

  36. interesting because we took him to small animal hospital on north ave. they told us that it was difficult to tell the age of a rabbit and they didn’t want to take the risk of complications if he was too old. if we can get him neutered we may consider keeping him because then we would be more comfortable getting him a companion bunny

  37. Oh I suppose that makes more sense. I was going off the assumption he was purchased as a baby so they weren’t sure if he was too young to be neutered. I’m sorry your experience there wasn’t ideal! They saved my bunny from e. cuniculi (deadly bunny parasite) and gave him great care, so I assumed you’d have a better outcome with them. Either way, I hope he finds a happy home ❤️

  38. Meeps and Willy St Treasure Shop are near each other. Both fun to pop into

  39. Green Life Trading Co is down the street as well, past Crystal Corner. They are a zero waste shop - super cool!

  40. Haven’t tried it but I don’t think it would. Even with stamping polish, you kind of need a tacky base. I even have trouble getting finer details to stick if I try to stamp the day after painting my nails, unless I use a sticky base coat before the stamping, and that can sometimes change the color of my base mani. I don’t know what it would do to strips like those. Either way, color street is an MLM and I’d encourage you to read up on their business practices and the harm MLMs can cause before purchasing from them.

  41. I actually just talked to my therapist about this yesterday lmao. She said that as long as you aren’t spending money that should be going toward bills/rent/feeding yourself, it is completely ok to spend money on things that make you happy, including yarn! Our purchasing habits are therapist-approved!

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