1. This. My interest rate is 0. I’m gonna use that cash for profit instead

  2. I mean, in theory yes, but if you'd purchased a 0% a year ago, and invested the money in the stock market you'd be down about 20% or so.

  3. You know the 10% a year thing is an average right?

  4. That's what you hope, but that's not how things work in the real world.

  5. Holy crap, this place is super close to UCF. I had no idea it even existed.

  6. Well he’s gonna go to the Nick Saban Center for Coaches who can’t coach good.

  7. What on earth happened to Frost? He was beloved at UCF -- like no one had anything bad to say about him -- and he leave Nebraska with a totally different public persona. It seems like it was more than just losing.

  8. I think he's frustrated beyond belief. He probably thought he'd ride into Nebraska, turn things around like he did at UCF, and end up being a legend for life.

  9. Here’s the dirty little secret. He had much better players at UCF. No one wants to go to Nebraska anymore. They will never be better than average again, no matter who is coaching.

  10. You're not wrong about the years that Frost was here. During his tenure, he had more NFL talent at UCF than he's had at Nebraska.

  11. Do you have the numbers for that, or are you just estimating?

  12. If you look at the number of NFL players, still in the league, Scott had more talent at UCF than he's had at Nebraska. He was only here for 2 seasons, but put a bunch of guys in the league.

  13. I want to see him come to Orlando and sit on the bench. He'll only see minutes as a super sub against Atlanta, where he promptly comes on, and scores a hat trick in the final 10 minutes of each match.

  14. We had the cards stacked against us and we gave it our all. But I have to say, the Orlando fans have been very gracious to us. In fact I’m drinking with Orlando fans now and they’ve been extremely kind. Overall 10/10 and would do it again 100%

  15. Orlando Fan chiming in here. I was at the game, in section 138 which is just about right below the video board - really close to where your supporters were.

  16. retard I even provided a free account

  17. You're missing the point. You go to the site, you click the button you've clearly highlighted at the top of the page that says "try text generator", and you're then forced to create an account.

  18. Its designed to keep people like you away who would never turn to paid customers..

  19. I don't know why you're being so defensive here. You asked where you could find a buyer - but you're doing everything your power here to make yourself look like an asshole.

  20. Most of us on the opposite end of the stadium were trying to get a great picture, but it was impossible through all the smoke. All my pictures of the tifo were horrible.

  21. Before I answer the question, I want to ask you something first.

  22. How many do you need? I might have a supplier for you. PM me if you'd rather keep quantities private.

  23. i have my own site. any tips for google ads?

  24. I mean, the answer is ads. If you tried them, and it didn't work for you then either your site needs optimization, or your ads weren't very good.

  25. Unpopular opinion, but I wish more airlines would do a similar check. Not to this extreme, but at least a basic check.

  26. This is the only logical opinion in the whole thread.

  27. Nah. Does Tiger dwell on not beating Nicklaus’ major win record? I doubt it. Focus on the positives (of which there are many) and you’ll have a much happier life.

  28. 1000% he dwells on it. He just turned down like $800 million because his only chance to beat Jack is by staying on the PGA Tour.

  29. To the toxic faction of our fanbase that constantly hates on Tesho, please go F yourselves. Thank you.

  30. The hate isn't necessarily towards Tesho, it's probably better directed towards Oscar, but Tesho is the obvious choice because he's the one on the field who literally NEVER scores.

  31. I've never watched an e-sports stream of any kind, but I was kind of blown away by how poorly Pokemon Go looked.

  32. Football in the state of Florida is dead, Florida or Florida State will never win more than 7 games again. Miami will sink to the bottom of the ocean.

  33. Are you forgetting about your 2017 National Champion UCF Knights?!?!?

  34. Knee injuries are the story of his career. I read his op ed a few months ago and kind of felt bad for him. It changed my perspective of him a little, but still he never really produced for OC, zero consistency, a lack of passion/drive perhaps because he was scared of being injured again. Just wasn’t a good fit. Sad for such a big acquisition. 👋🏻🦆

  35. Has to be frustrating for the guy. I read the same story, and while he was doing his best to make it seem like it was all just water under the bridge, I don't think he hid it very well that he knew he messed up, and could have been so much more if he'd just tried a little harder, or had a little better luck.

  36. Wow… to be honest, after watching the Netflix documentary I could tell the event was out of control, but as with any film there’s dramatization so I was unsure as to what extent. From this reply, it’s safe to say there’s was little, if any, dramatization. Hell, it seems as if they had to tame it down to keep it semi-appropriate for a Netflix show! Thanks for the reply!!

  37. I mean, it was a mix of good and bad. For the most part, if you weren't drunk out of your mind, or sky high, you could figure out how to make things work.

  38. I mean, as others have said, we'll take a win, but it definitely wasn't very impressive.

  39. I’d do neither. It’s not great in ML and useless in raids. Especially if you are short in dust.

  40. Yeah, I know it's not great, but when I play ML it's only spice for me. It either works a charm, or I get destroyed. Not much in-between.

  41. Heh in ML I’m guessing probably more the latter. :)

  42. I'm only a level 42, and only have 2 level 50s of anything. Pretty much my only chance is the element of surprise.

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