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  1. It’s 30 year old Pepsi from one of the other bottles, tastes like it too!

  2. Hey, man. I’m not the one who posted a pic of a plastic bag with poopie on it then tasted it

  3. I’ve heard good things about liftmode but I’m an UltraKanna man myself

  4. How would you describe the effects? I suffer from social anxiety but I want to decrease my phenibut usage

  5. Second what he said. Liftmodes extract is very potent. I unknowingly weighed out 100mg thinking that was dosage range nasally. Proceeded to have an intense rush similar to a psychedelic amphetamine come up. once that subsided it was a relaxing rushing state. I learned I do not like sterogenic substances, if that’s your thing Kanna is nice. I’m more Gaba and Dopamine myself. good luck

  6. What in the literal fuck. How in the world does this lineup warrant $530……

  7. I don’t understand… if they’re so extremely rare then how do these birds find one another to mate and continue their lineage

  8. At least it's not for the rest of the season or the first half of next season

  9. Just wait a few days. You’ll have a very Bills-y future :/

  10. There's a podcast (not sure which) interview with Neil Gaiman who bought Albert and Sally Grossman's house in Woodstock where the BIABH cover was shot. IIRC he said that Sally Grossman told him the story and didn't give much away but implied that it was all about getting Bob off the drugs cocktail he was on at the time. Something about him staying at a 'pharmacists' for some time afterwards.

  11. I believe it’s from the episode “Is it rolling, Bob?” Off Talking Dylan pod


  13. If it is what we think it might be, I am sure the AEW faithful will either defend Mr. Olivier or make excuses. Along with Uncle Dave running damage control.

  14. Damn. Miners are essential to this countries coal consumption. Not to mention the west was practically built off the backs of gold miners.

  15. Is it time and a half pay? And thank you for your response

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