1. It’s not like he’s in another country. I’m sure they can just go and grab him.

  2. I need to look him up. Thanks. Are you collecting him?

  3. I am, but I’m partial to the team he plays on too.

  4. Ohhh an Embraer 145/135 with a lip skin repair. The fan blade repair is in compliance with the Rolls Royce EMM.

  5. What have they been for you? I'm guessing most booster boxes will have between 10 and 14. Remember, most people post when they get amazing results.

  6. I’m like at 3 ex cards and 2 alternate full art out of one booster box.

  7. You got 2 alt arts out of 1 booster box and you’re saying they haven’t been great?

  8. Maybe I’m using the wrong terminology, I got a full are Clauncher and a full art Trainer Jacq. The trainer is of a fairly fancy variety. That’s in 36 packs. I was getting a lot more full art from CZ.

  9. There are several states that have these laws already on the books.

  10. I’d start eating the cans on the top shelf first, before they go bad

  11. Like that top photo could be from the ISS which is orbiting around a million and a third feet above the earth.

  12. Happened to me, sent in a card that I thought was perfect and it came back a 6.

  13. Read this on the internet so it is ABSOLUTE FACT. only do 3 cuz then insurance won’t cover the replacements. Idk….worth a shot i guess

  14. I wouldn’t want to pay my insurance deductible over $2 in valve stem cores.

  15. I wear Duluth Trading firehose flex cargo pants and shorts

  16. I was gonna utilize their service for these two.

  17. I remember seeing someone using a snowboard with ski bindings and boots in the late 90’s. (It wasn’t a monoski but an actual snowboard, the bindings were more or less perpendicular to snowboard.

  18. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure Chicago will get the #1 pick if they stay in a lottery position.

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