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  1. Roush has a budget car lot in Westerville, I bought my Honda there last year.

  2. I’ll dump a new jar of salsa in my food processor and take care of the chunks myself.

  3. All the republican seem like they’ve already gone gay for Trump.

  4. I paid less than $50 for one sensor installed at Costco

  5. The Cinemark at Carriage place typically has the smallest crowds. It’s worth checking if amc Dublin and the Marcus crosswoods is busy.

  6. The Dozens of A’s fans present were enthralled by that performance

  7. Allocate $200 of that for a tax stamp and get a SBR.

  8. Do you only pay a tax stamp for sbr? I thought you have to register those riffles???

  9. If you’re gonna build one yourself you’d have to submit an ATF form 1. That requires fingerprints and the $200 and probably a lengthy waiting period. The ATF would have a record of what serial number lower you made into a SBR.

  10. Maybe I'm seeing things or have never noticed, but are the tail booms the same on both aircraft?

  11. Technically the Cobra is a variant of the Huey, more specifically the cobra was developed from the Huey

  12. Are you mad she’s not using it to hang laundry?

  13. I thought The Village was pretty good. The Happening is where he lost it.

  14. How short is this woman if her boob was at door knob height?

  15. When the wind shifts unexpectedly ground level chemtrails become necessary.

  16. Those clouds looked so fake on the broadcast, and they look fake here as well.

  17. My sister-in-law had carpal tunnel surgery while pregnant.

  18. I've considered steroid injections... did she look into that at all?

  19. My actual sister had Cortisone shots in her wrists after her baby was born. I think it helped out a lot.

  20. Someone get Rick Dale in there to get it restored

  21. Fuck the entirety of Allegheny county Pennsylvania.

  22. I don’t know if this qualifies, but for me is Melt in Polaris. I think it’s the worst food I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It tasted like cardboard. No flavor whatsoever. Never going there again. Even if they pay me to go

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