1. This was my favorite from the 7 or so strains I tried from them. All of it was well done I just wish some of them hit harder.

  2. But if you were a good boy Santa would have made a drop shipment from Michigan! lol

  3. Santa’s elves might be working some Michigan magic right now

  4. Somebody needs to work their magic on a long range drone that can be sent directly to the dispensary. They load it and you bring 'er home.

  5. I think that’s where Amazon will come in haha

  6. I see it locally in cleveland but damn $116 a gram? That’s outrageous. Is it worth it?

  7. My experience… you can go from dispensary to dispensary in the same and get as much as you want that way. Some dispensaries up there don’t even care about the limits and will Just keep selling shit

  8. I started off a weird neighbor kid who smokes weed and became Kevin spacy. It’s a devastating movie, hits way to close to home

  9. I can play team doctor. Amphetamines for everyone!

  10. What about all my empty packs? All is well if I already ingested it all? Hell atleast give me some days back.

  11. If I still had the sticker with the botanist info and my name on my jar I would throw the worst .5 gram bud I had in my stash in the jar and take it back. The jar I have matches the numbers in the post

  12. That's what my friends thought until they had the horrifying realization that it wasn't going to stop

  13. I'm surprised they're even bothering to find justification. At this point they could literally say "Fuck you, that's why" as their justification and nothing could be done about it.

  14. The ex wife was pretty good packed one up when I got home and took a nap only reason I'm still awake

  15. Yeah that ex wife hit me pretty hard for some tier one. Made me want to take a nap

  16. Then I got the ice cream cake from klutch but haven't opened it yet

  17. I grabbed two heat spikes, ex wife and ice cream cake. Heat spike is the one I really like. I like the ice cream cake but I tend to ignore it

  18. This is how I felt about Zelda 2, except I made it to the final dungeon a couple of times before giving up as a child. Bought a Nintendo at 23 and bought Zelda 2 and was determined to beat it. Which I did one magical night when I was very high on mushrooms. I happened to have some friends over that night so I had some witnesses. I’m now 38 and It’s still one of my greatest achievement in video games

  19. I’m not op but I just grabbed a couple more jars from body snd mind. They finally released the Woodward everyone else had a month ago. If you can get it the animal mints is as high end as I’ve seen in the program. Woodward had some sunset sherbert around March that was the only other contender for best bud I’ve had in the program

  20. The batch of this from last month was some of the best weed I’ve had in the program. Absolutely love this stuff and wish I could smoke nothing but this

  21. One of the “father’s of modern surgery” practiced surgery for an anal fistula on

  22. I would take that as a yes and actually be very encouraged haha.

  23. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed the first two episodes. The whole LARP thing was just great

  24. I actually just watched Everybody Wants Some a couple days ago. I’ve been going through a bunch of movies like these trying to find one as good as Dazed and Confused. I’ve watched stuff like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Animal House and American Pie but I still haven’t seen any quite as good as Dazed and Confused.

  25. American graffiti will probably come closest to the vibe of dazed and confused. I love a good coming of age type movie but you will be hard pressed to find one as good as dazed and confused

  26. I'd argue Die Hard 3 was the best! At least better than 2 for sure

  27. 3 was the one that got me into the series. It’s great. After I saw 3 I went back and watched 1 and 2 and I liked one and thought 2 wasn’t very good. My opinion has changed over the last 30 years haha. 2 is sick and a proper sequel to the original. Part of what I love about 1 is McClane just running around the guts of the building. The evelvators, roof, unfinished floors, computer rooms. I love that is the same type of environment in 2 with the guts of a airport. Also the Christmas vibe of both 1 and 2 are just perfect this time of year. 3 is great but it sets the tone for the bad sequels that come after. It’s less a proper die hard movie and more a buddy cop movie

  28. Sandersons work is no where near the level of GRRM. He has fine books and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them at the same time I don’t understand how people can point to sandersons work and say look how much he produces! Yeah and compared to Martin it’s all pretty much shit.

  29. Martin’s first few books. His 4th and 5th book in ASOIAF where pretty meh.

  30. Nah. Feast and Dance destroy anything I’ve read by Sanderson. It’s like comparing a Outback to a real steakhouse.

  31. Mine looks nothing like that man I don’t get how shits so inconsistent mine had no smell lackluster effects I think canton just gets the shit end of product

  32. All the brands are hit or miss. The jars I had of the southside legend weren’t so great. Im sure I just got the shit end of the batch or whatever. It’s disappointing but what can I do

  33. Not sure how it’s content matter takes it out of the realm of being a “film” it was great because it’s correctly paced, it shouldn’t be discounted since it’s not a whole story.

  34. Of course it’s a film. You are completely missing the point because of semantics

  35. How is he missing the point of someone saying it isn’t really a film? If they didn’t mean to say that then they shouldn’t have said that

  36. Ok dokey. If you want to a have a mindless internet argument usually I’m your guy but I’m tired and I have nothing for you but ok

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