1. Bones Hyland is a DNP tonight and not on the injury report 👀

  2. Still laughing at Mitch calling this a team with expectations to make it to the second round back in July.

  3. A whole lot more happened to the warriors to miss the playoffs than just signing oubre lmao

  4. Not especially. Oubre got hurt and they immediately improved that season to get into the play in. Then they just replaced him with guys who know how to play team basketball and rolled. Oubre has pretty stats but he averages less than one assist a game and has zero idea how to be a role player


  6. I think it’s hard to gauge until all of our moves are made. We’re already saturated with guards like terry, Kelly, Martin, Bouk, and McGowens.

  7. Sure but literally none of those guys matter for the future. Bouknight doesn’t even matter now. We need a guard to pair with LaMelo so may as well try if it’s not an unreasonable price

  8. We suck and have nothing to play for. Let the only hope we have get his big stats

  9. People feel entitled to post anything in this sub

  10. Idiotic. The entire point of HOV is to reduce the amount of cars on the road. It should be restricted to people of driving age and above.

  11. No, what would be idiotic is having double standards for when a pregnant woman counts as one person for one thing when the state legislature insists it’s two people

  12. Do you think roads are a recent invention?

  13. Wouldn’t mind Mcdaniels being moved way too inconsistent for my liking.

  14. I really don’t get your point. Are you saying role players that give more consistent production don’t exist? Mcdaniels goes games like yesterday where he goes 1-6 and gives you two points. Or a performance like the game before where he gives you only 5 points on 2-7 shooting. He’s our 6th man with Kelly out and has not taken that next step.

  15. Just cause you declare someone a 6th man doesn't mean they magically learn how to score lol. McDaniels is a quality defensive wing that has never been a consistent scorer. He plays his role extremely well, it is not his or the team's problem that you want him to score 15 a night

  16. It’s remarkable how little this team plans for the future. It’s all about sugar highs with Mitch. “We can’t trade anyone cause we need to preserve cap space and be smart. OMG GORDON HAYWARD IS AVAILABLE!?!”

  17. We lost to the G League Suns by 30. Time to trade everything

  18. Hopefully we trade or cut DSJ at the deadline. He’s just brutal

  19. Love that the mods keep deleting Hornet news! Memes are cool but news about the team? Nah, we ban that

  20. Except the Lakers could pay both THT and Caruso. The only person who didn’t want to was the owner. Stop being dense and accept your owner is cheap and the reason you are stuck with no medium sized contracts

  21. They're literally redundant and do the same things. If you pay them both you risk diminishing both their values, with their trade values even going low. They obviously took a gamble on THT, and it failed bad.

  22. They could pay both without any consequences other than hurting your owner's wallet. That is what bird rights are. Again, you dont seem to understand very basic CBA and cap related issues, you just want to be angry.

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