1. Yes, that would be good if someone stopped the genocidal war of conquest putin incited. But I thought this post was about domestic issues of the US

  2. I had no idea that resource packs contained shader files! I briefly experimented with writing shader code but ultimately just ended up using graphical programming lol

  3. I get your points, but I by far think the biggest issue is just communication on SL0 end. I get this stuff takes time but people gonna get angry if you don't have the full features with no updates, I really do think they need to communicate what they working on more. Even if no actual timeframe, just say and show what going on every once and a while and I think way more people would be happy. SL0 I think more and more has taken approach of communicate as little as possible in an official way but I think more than ever they need to communicate at least somewhat. Personally don't think it just "lazy devs" and what not this shit be hard and seems like they want to make the process as easy as possible (at least from what I saw one of the devs say in discord) which can make shit hard to make.

  4. It feels like SLZ is trying to appear more professional in their communications (and that being communicating very little lol)Previously they would have lots of casual tweets on updates or devlogs but now it seems like they're packing themselves in, which is degrading trust

  5. Yeah I wouldn't doubt that at all. I know partially they don't want to live up to expectations on release dates when it comes to release dates which very well could be part of it too. I.e. they say something in production and people feel like it gonna be out by the next month when it more over a year away.

  6. For sure. I have faith that the SDK will come out but a little communication would go a long way.

  7. They added 1.5 block crouching to Bedrock last week and apparently there is already some functionality for the offhand in the game's code, which seems to be coming soon considering the new mobile UI.

  8. Which honestly I'm fine with, I feel like it'd be a motion sickness nightmare

  9. What's gender. What is that. What the hell? Mileniels... Stop making crap up and go fish for once

  10. Great comment. You are easy to understand, and your thoughts are informative. This was a joy to read!!

  11. Hey man if you're on PC I can do a couple rounds of Cayo with you if you want

  12. It's a somewhat interesting anecdote on a default sub. The people upvoting are probably just scrolling along and didn't even look to see what sub it's on.

  13. I'm confused why some people here don't seem to find the faint possibility of humour in this, and attribute it to a swarm of bots, all upvoting this clearly nonsensical post. It's a funny review. What the owner of the store said was funny, it's funny that the person was mad enough about it to write a review, the way it's written is funny because the reviewer takes it 100% seriously. I don't understand the confusion.

  14. Ok, fair enough. Now tell me, how do you feel about the Moon Landing?

  15. Lol yeah screw them for being lonely, right?

  16. Imagine Mario Odyssey coming back ! That’d be so nostalgic , don’t even get me started on MK8 and BOTW

  17. Almost 9 years since MK8 released! Nintendo should really go all-in on the nostalgia for that one.

  18. you where living in the matrix this hole time cos don’t made the celeste for ps5

  19. celeste is not ps5 unless the ps5 is also called "NINTENDO SWITCH CONSOLE"

  20. Is there a voice equivalent of motion capture? Have someone do a genuine performance, but then replace their voice with an AI recreation using the same intonation, pauses, stress, etc?

  21. I can't wait to see if Toby has any plans on correlating these two parallel games between them, and eventually having more information about his character and his relationships with people in hometown! I hope he becomes important to the main story

  22. I know that you said that you've been binding for years, but you've probably never been told that you can't sleep in a binder. I don't bind myself, but I googled it once and found that out. You probably never did that, though. You're welcome 💙💗🤍💗💙

  23. Isn't binding??? Dangerous??? I read it online! You'll die! Stay safe don't hurt yourself!!!!!🌈🌈🌈🌈

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