1. BTW, just went to Lowe's and found the 4" Calathea Orbofolia and the Alocasia Black Velvet for $9 each and a 6" Calathea Grey Star for $17. So....check your local Lowe's! Some really good plants for cheap!

  2. I have gotten a plastic water bottle and cut it so it would fit hanging out of the fron there the flow is and curled back and that helped a lot when I had a beta. I think the main downside was keeping it clean.

  3. Thats an interesting idea. I might try something like that.

  4. I'm sure you can find some kind of mesh to attach as well that will allow the water to flow down it.

  5. Did you get gauge for the hat with the hook size suggested by the yarn? The gauge is 23 sc for 4”. You need to use whatever hook size that works to achieve the pattern’s gauge.

  6. I don't really know what that meant or how to do it. Do I just make a chain and count it? I'm working in the round so idk how it would work with a curve.

  7. This is the pattern I'm currently using

  8. So I have made 2 beanies now that ended up being too big for me head, like....TOO big. I bought a smaller yarn thinking maybe I can actually make one ny size. My head is about 22inch and I'm looking for a slouchy pattern with a brim. I dont want it too tight due to ear piercings/glasses combo. Also, I'm still pretty new so having a video to follow works best for me.

  9. I worked in retail for about 5 years and this was pretty standard. At the end of our shifts a manager would have to just look in your bag and, at closing, you'd have to look in theirs too.

  10. Hi! A little late to the chat, what's this week's topic?

  11. Hi Welcome! It's how to stay motivated during a job search.

  12. I'm trying to get a job with an American company, learn Japanese and, if I play my cards right, have the company move me to Japan. That way I can make American wages but also don't have to worry about the Japanese work culture as much.

  13. I hate to go back to a topic, but I want to address the burnout bit again. I am currently in the position that Jim had talked about in regards to just taking that "final step". I took some time off at the beginning of this month, my direct upper approved it but then, after I came back, my office manager said "I wouldn't have approved it, I would have said no". I want to quit but, despite the thousands of applications I've put out, no other jobs have come through. I have updated my resume, I tailor that and my cover letters and I'm not getting anywhere. I don't know what to do any more.

  14. I've applied to over 2k jobs and am still not where I want to be. Took a shit job just to make ends meet.

  15. So I have already made the back and front panels of a cardigan (it's all one piece) but the length is too short for my liking. How can I add length?

  16. I’m currently working on a temperature blanket that I intended to be a full/queen size. It turns out it will be a king size blanket +14 inches in width. I’m going for it and kept the size. There are days a curse myself for not doing a swatch first, but I’m excited to have such a large blanket at the end of the year.

  17. It is the alpine stitch. It comes together pretty easy and if you miss one of the loops, it's pretty easy to put in a fake stitch to make it look like the goof never happened.

  18. I am currently using the CaribSea Eco Complete but was looking to change to something more along the image above. I do have a planted tank and currently just one shrimp (would like to upgrade to a larger tank and add in more shrimp eventually). Does anyone have any advice on this particular kind of substrate and what it takes to prepare the tank? Does it require a lot of rinsing and cloudiness like the CaribSea does?

  19. I should mention too that my hair is short, like a longer pixie/undercut and am currently using the shampoo and conditioner by Love Beauty and Planet (5-in-1) with biotin 2x a week followed by a few pumps of argan oil by Hask while my hair is still wet or sometimes after it has dried.

  20. I have weak shins and get shin splints pretty bad so I was avoiding muay thai lol

  21. So my dragon bone cactus used to be about a foot and a half in height, these pieces are all I have left. Unfortunately I had over watered it and when I saw it was turning brown and getting soft, I trimmed off the rotten part and tried to replant it in soil after letting the pieces cacify and added root hormones. That attempt failed as the stem kept getting brown, soft, and moldy.

  22. Anyone have an idea when there will be a casting call for the Dune sequel in 2023?

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