1. Personally, if it’s the Bay Area Wharton campus I would do Berkeley imo

  2. Impossible to say without more info. Plenty of people making over 150, then take out loans to go to school and go to their desired industry , and within a few years be making double or triple what they were before, in a role that’s more stimulating

  3. What this person says - will say it paid off utterly for me but cannot speak for you

  4. This is so awesome! My learning express had nothing but glad yours did!

  5. Oh I don't have a learning express where I live. I just happen to be on vacation out of state and a learning express was near my vacation spot😅

  6. This is so awesome! So happy for you! April 1st cannot come soon enough

  7. I hope so! But likely we won’t know anything until after the movie comes out

  8. forgive me, I'm not really good with reddit ir anything and for being on of my first posts I figured it would be a big number of people, sorry

  9. Your post did great! Ignore anyone who isn’t nice

  10. Well done as always!!! Love the action in this

  11. “…and X never ever marks the spot” lol

  12. Have you read the detailed text under each set on They all reference the temple of doom as another set. Hopefully it comes out soon!

  13. The old adventures sets were so much fun! I love that you legit have the entire crew from the Egyptian theme! Very very cool

  14. You have the full setup! Awesome - I love the different knives

  15. You have the full setup! Awesome - I love the different knives

  16. It’s a full collection of artifacts! Well done!

  17. There’s this MOC that was posted recently but I think there are a couple of pieces that overlap so it might not entirely work in real life

  18. Actually I made a special effort not to have overlapping parts! I think it could be built

  19. Oh cool! I didn’t recognize the piece used for the strut between the wings and thought it was a fin piece interfering with a wedge piece. My bad!

  20. You should be able to save six games! When selecting new game you will be able to pick where you save it

  21. We need a miniature fly that Belloq can accidentally eat! Well done as always

  22. Well done as always! Where did you get the cup?

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