1. That's what people thought when computers were invented. Now people work on computers and there are even more job opportunities. The AI will not put artists out of their jobs but instead help them to get inspiration. Not many people know how to get the desired image using prompts. It's all about an artist's imagination and AI can't imagine what to prompt itself. Artists will continue to create art which inspires them which is something the AI does not do

  2. Absolutely, just wait till people start pointing the artwork and critiques out to the Patent Engineering Office. Yikes.

  3. It’s fine as is. Just put in a case without batteries and forget about it for 10 years.

  4. Something strange in the Nintendo, whatcha gonna do, CHANGE THE GAME! Di-Do-Di-Do-Di-Do…

  5. The back of the gameboy looks like a reshell and the sticker font and the fact the edges of the sticker are rounded are big giveaway that atleast the sticker is not authentic, as it is not the same as what you should be seeing, the older models had square edged stickers. The back plastic texture appears to be different than the front half of the shell, the lack of slide scarring on the cartridge port, and flawless battery contacts are a red flag IMO. The Y-head screws are a off-color due to age and presumably the same material (battery contacts) would share the same degradation and aging (discoloration) but this is absent from what I can see with the contacts. If you had pictures of the topside and side of the gameboy it could also help with the determination. Even if it’s genuine and just a back half reshell, I think it’s a good get as long as everything is in working condition.

  6. Thank you for the full analysis of the gameboy. It is indeed in working condition and I decided to go ahead with it so I’ll be sure in a couple of days

  7. No one ever has. If someone had said that, I’d casually comically say I wasn’t aware you had a medical degree and don’t believe in modern medicine and science, let alone are able to diagnose people and determine what is best for their health and the health of the community, can you tell me if this looks swollen middle finger I think it may go down if you could suck it.

  8. Just wait till someone does the math on approved-for-use pesticides and cigarettes.

  9. They don’t have to help, I’m sure they are praying for the drummer.

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