DeSantis says Congress should act if Apple follows through on Elon Musk claims and bans Twitter from App Store. So the party that decries government interference in the free market wants to force a business to do something?

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  1. could you have used insurance to do maint work an owner should be paying for or old damage that prolly happened from an owner not doing proper maint and taking care of thier investment? sure you could. its wrong to do but that doesnt stop lots of folks from committing fraud to take the insurance company for a few bucks. They always forget that stuff when the rate increases come.

  2. Home insurance wouldn't cover any of what the OP wrote about.

  3. Adjusters will only pay for items if you have a Polaroid photo of you holding the item in one hand and the front page of the New York Times clearly showing the date in the other hand.

  4. Honestly, longer than most in this sub would admit. Roofers want to sell roofs. There are plenty of people who changed their roofs at year 15 and probably could have made it last another 5-10 years. Look around your neighborhood and there are tons of people using worn out 25+ year old shingles. They don't leak that easily, and when they do, you'll often notice from the attic.

  5. This roof is already leaking. It's not a question of 'is it causing damage' , it's 'how bad will the owner let the damage become before they fix it' .

  6. Did you just buy this home, or how long have you owned it? You have to be able do tie the storm damage to a specific weather event/date that occurred while you owned and insured the home, and it has to be within the last year.

  7. I call bullshit on answers like these. This is obviously an old, leaking, unvented roof. The chimney is clearly deteriorated, the vent boots are clearly leaking and the unvented attic is causing blistering.

  8. In my experience, renovations that take over 12 months are a huge red flag in the builders risk world.

  9. the guy that rear ended you is at fault for following too closely and not leaving a gap to stop.

  10. What kind of claim was it? Generally indirect losses wouldn't be included in something like a property claim but there are exceptions to every rule. More details about what kind of policy this is falling on would help.

  11. If there was an accident, there's a very real possibility the claim would be denied.

  12. So if I were to get into an accident, I would risk facing felony insurance fraud? Even though I technically am insured fully just with two different policies? I’m

  13. No, I doubt they'd pursue conviction since your situation isn't malicious. Your situation just mostly seems to stem from not knowing how insurance works. I've only seen criminal penalties pursued in the most severe situations where someone was knowingly trying to defraud an insurance company or profit from false claims. (See this example:

  14. You are the reason no one can get insurance in FL. Every single FL claim turns into a lawsuit. Attorneys in FL are predatory. The contractor's in FL are predatory. You didnt even need to tell me you were from FL for me to know you were from FL.

  15. Reminds me of this article from a few weeks ago...

  16. The insurance company says the amount of the damage is only ~45% of the deductible. However the quote we got to do the repairs was ~120% of the deductible.

  17. In addition to the other good answers, you should get multiple quotes for repairs to compare against the contractor alleging higher costs.

  18. I see, if the trust owns them and your sister is the trustee, she needs to get insurance for the properties on behalf of the trust.

  19. Replace trust with estate and trustee with executrix

  20. You're going to have a very hard time obtaining new coverage. Having to answer the question, "Have you has a cancellation or non-renewal" will be the first hurdle. That yes answer will most likely result in more scrutiny and tighter underwriting. I already see much more inspections happening and a prior cancel would almost surely get you on the inspect list.

  21. Yep, although probably the smart decision in the end seeing as they intended to build in the east, where there was plenty of flooding from Katrina and Rita--just look at what happened to our six flags. And that's all swamp prior, so it's sinking regardless (I know Florida is too, but Orlando seems fine?). But I can't go to any amusement park without planning a long weekend at minimum. Suuuckkss.

  22. The entire Disney park in Florida is built on the 2nd or third story. So when guests are walking around on the surface, they don't realize there are multiple floors below them. They had to build everything up high and bury the bottom ecause they were building in very wet ground. It's a cool story if you look up a documentary on it.

  23. The park can't just move like that though. The only reason it's able to exist as it is now is because Walt bought up so much land for pennies through sketchy means and shell corporations in the 60s. Disney the behemoth would never be able to get the prices he did for that much consecutive space. The cost of moving from Orlando to anywhere would be unfathomable.

  24. It still makes me giggle that Disney was originally going to put the park just outside of New Orleans but the politicians were asking for so many under the table kickbacks that Walt just said "F it, we're going to Florida"

  25. Any decent contractor can make hardwood floors match. Happens every day. Same with cabinets. It sounds like your chose contractors that didn't want to do the work.

  26. If you even think he may be injured, your husband should get checked out by his doctor.

  27. Here's the Louisiana renters rights info from the state

  28. In my experience, ingress/egress is only paid for if you have a covered loss.

  29. Pull a copy of your reports from Lexisnexis and see what's showing up.

  30. I'm pretty sure Harrah's casino is still doing free parking in the garages.

  31. What no one has mentioned is what the zoning of the property actually is. You're looking at the wrong thing. That document didn't say what the zoning of the area the property is located in. Some zoning will allow residential single family use, some up to two family homes, some commercial use only, etc. If the zoning for the peppery doesn't allow mobile homes, then you'd have to get a variance approved.

  32. Plantains are food I think you meant plantations

  33. Planes, trains, and plantains

  34. No worries. From my perspective, LA's no-pay, no-play law is punitive and should be repealed. I'm fine with other ones, but my unpopular opinion is that this specific one serves no public good. Which isn't your problem because you've got Mississippi in between you and them.

  35. Louisiana, my home state, is always the #1 or #2 state for the most uninsured drivers in the US. The strict 'no pay, no play' laws are seen as a deterrent to that high uninsured driver count by offering an additional disincentive to not carrying insurance.

  36. Sure. That doesn't change my opinion one iota. I find it morally abhorrent that an at-fault party can win the jackpot by hitting someone uninsured, even if it's on purpose.

  37. Vertefore has AMS360 and a few other products. Epic is another big player.

  38. Time line depends on file load of the total loss adjuster. Normally if say 10 to 15 days is a good estimate. Could be faster or longer depending on the complexity of the claim, response time from the lienholder for payoff info, time for title documents to go by mail, salvage bid from the wrecking yard, etc.

  39. Accident was complex involving 5 cars, so good to know it may take a little more time, thanks for the input.

  40. Oh, did you file with your insurer or the at fault party's? I'd it's your insurer, that timeline should be good.

  41. Heads up for lost wages, you're going to need documentation to support your request. Your doctor will have to say you can't work and your employer will have to provide documentation about how many hours you were working before the accident and after thr accident.

  42. Use your own insurance. This is why you insure your vehicle.

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