Luxury High Tech Bed, 1959

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  1. Mcdonalds Szechuan sauce > asian lady passing out literature inside walmart

  2. Oh! Needs more gabagool and goomars and fewer stunads.

  3. Not arguing here, trying to learn. Wouldn't the perlite help the root system?

  4. Maybe its just me, but if you have time to fry the bologna, you have time to toast the bread. I like my fried bologna a little crispier

  5. Jesus is a bitch, you want to kill someone you do it yourself

  6. I would let them ride another week at least but keep checking daily and chop if amber starts showing more on the bud itself.

  7. Almost did it, figured somebody might want the thunder

  8. It depends on how many lactaid pills you have on you and if you're topping or bottoming.

  9. After-milk sex is limited to gay sex? Ugh. I’ll do it, but im gonna complain the whole time.

  10. That's how I was when I first started on my after-milk sex journey!

  11. Thats how you conserve your cereal milk for a finale chug. I eat cereal with a fork sometimes for that purpose lol

  12. I have been to Salisbury many times. We have real steaks not your weird hamburger style things.

  13. I love the red white and blue one!! And the fruit punch

  14. I tried red white and blue, but do not remember hahaha. Fruit punch though, you are an animal lol. The sour apple is okay, looks like ninja turtle piss.

  15. Didn't some top guy named Marlon sexually assault his coworker actress?

  16. It was so fucking amazing, I made another sandwich. I'm determined to eat the whole loaf of bread

  17. Came here to say "historians called them very close roommates and business partners"

  18. Is that what you tell yourself as you get topped by your gf in the shower?

  19. And some of them are on the run because they cant sit still due to the meth

  20. I use it for pizza, thats about it. Oh and maybe a turkey once a year. Oven is a stranger in my home.

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