1. When I was in high school my dad made me work for his construction company as a clean up guy, mostly.

  2. Google isn't "far far far ahead" on AI. They're not ahead at all. They were, a year ahead or more, but they just sat on it like idiots. Now Microsoft has caught up but with the full weight of the company and product teams behind them, and Google is left to panic.

  3. Programming. Not ML directly, but I'm familiar enough with tensorflow I'm not worried about the current crop of high-school-essay-writing bots coming for my job. I follow ML developments closely and read the papers, and you're right that Google/Deepmind has brilliant people. Among many other things they pioneered the transformers powering these LLMs years ago, and they've already improved on ChatGPT. But unless they're hiding something massive, they are no longer ahead of OpenAI, which is also full of brilliant people and has from the beginning focused on making useful products with their research instead of writing a paper and putting it on a shelf.

  4. Yeah, my dad brought home this weird game to check out in 1999, and I’m still playing, so…yeah…I haven’t been doing a lot of push-ups tbh..

  5. You guys make me feel like a wuss. It’s been in the 20-30s F here in Texas and she hasn’t been out except for swimming and appointments 😅

  6. Yeah it’s like 4F in NY, and we’re by the water so the wind is whippppping. Normally I’m fine with 20-30s, but below 10 is a no go.

  7. I think windows 10 is a couple billion LOC, should be pretty quick with gpt.

  8. I’m honestly starting to get annoyed by the “ai is stealing our jobs” line. It’s advanced autocomplete right now, it’s not even really helpful for most jobs yet, let alone highly technical ones — and I think it’ll be years before it meaningfully becomes part of any critical workflows.

  9. Record it and watch when you get home. Stay off your phone all night.

  10. 8unk says:

    TIL this nightmare has a fucking

  11. So maybe Google will also have a private Sting concert for the key executives involved in the decision..... Don't kid yourself, they are doing the layoffs for no other reason than everyone in their tier is, thus not to do so would call into question their "leadership" reputation with shareholders. It's just a reaction to what competitors and peers are doing. For whatever reason, Google (Alphabet) has its fanboys who claim this is the result of months and months of careful detailed analysis before reaching a conclusion. It's not - it's just fear of looking out of step with other companies who in turn look at what other companies do. Followers of followers.

  12. No offense but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Google had previously prided itself on never having layoffs — as being a company that doesn’t get caught off guard. To suggest google wants to be more like Amazon or meta (just because) is bogus.

  13. Now let’s watch the government corruption focused republican voter base explain why this is bad.

  14. Sure. I mean, it’s not like extreme government overspending ever creates inflation, or anything.

  15. The two are barely connected. Which illustrates my point above. Let me help you:

  16. 80% of all the US dollars in existence have been printed in the last two years. Government printing money like it’s going out of style causes inflation. This is not supply side inflation.

  17. Yeah you’re right about this (I don’t know about the numbers specifically but it sounds generally right).

  18. Love that saquon went up to him after. Everyone is buying in.

  19. This team is made up of players that were cut or discarded by other teams and they’re huge contributors for us. This is such a fun team to root for

  20. Our best players played well, but when you look at the next couple tiers: Jihad ward and jaylon smith on defense, breidas 1st down push, golladays block, hodgins sideline catch, etc

  21. Mesh gradient is what I always call them. Animated mesh gradient in this case.

  22. My wife or I will usually just get up, acknowledging that the day has started, if LO wakes between 2-4.

  23. Why did we think we could stop a 3rd and 9 more than a 2nd and 19 🤷🏼‍♂️

  24. Especially since we’re giving them that underneath stuff

  25. Studies have shown that homelessness causes drug abuse more often than the other way around.

  26. Great example of AI mostly getting it wrong, but in a verbose and authoritative way.

  27. Only way to stop a bad guy with a pit bull is a good guy with a pit bull.

  28. 34+5 and we did 10 days, mostly just to take care of the jaundice.

  29. NICU RN here. I am sorry you are in this position. I have no words to comfort you. But I would like to empower you.

  30. You really do special work, I hope you know how valued you are.

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