1. It’s stated to be safe for natives although truth be told I haven’t tried it on them before

  2. It’s the phosphorus that they really don’t enjoy some natives r more sensitive than others this one burned because it’s pot bound so roots r super exposed then she hit it ccidently

  3. Don't spray it 😥, just relocate it with a container they aren't super common

  4. An update: I was finally able to get him on a broom (took ages). Walked him through the apartment and tossed him over the balcony. He fluttered down to the nature strip so he's fine for now. Nature can decide what's happening for him next.

  5. I’m a tenant at a rental and I just want to know if I should be pulling it out

  6. Finally yes pull it hollyhocks don’t just turn up this thread is ridiculous please don’t listen to people telling you to eat it most of them don’t even know the difference between varieties it’s dangerous I hope you pull it then replace it with something you really like

  7. I got rid of them completely by repotting with soil mixed with diatomaceous earth and letting the soil dry out completely between waterings

  8. I’ve been letting mine dry out I’ll definitely change the soil

  9. These are mealy bugs and they are HORRIBLE. Currently dealing with a 6 month infestation and I have to wipe each leaf twice a week. Did I mention about 30 plants have them? God speed.

  10. 🙄 so I can’t have a job and a personality?

  11. If it’s just a job you certainly shouldn’t be growing you need to look for help in more professional settings this sub is literally beginners I know because my career ….not job is in this industry not sure how personality is even relevant good luck

  12. I honestly thought I wouldn’t encounter any nastiness on this subreddit but here you are. Have a great night. Happy growing

  13. Ok if you please it’s constructive criticism not nasty get some confidence in yourself geesh

  14. Everything you home grow is better but you’ve given no climate or location recommendations should be given based from that

  15. Be careful as they have very invasive roots so probably best not to have it near any pipes etc.

  16. Could be so many things. Looks like the jointed twig rush (baumea articulate) I use in a water treatment system - but I think their are many similar species of rush.

  17. Looks like Juncus pallidus to me, native to the SW of Australia No sure if it's also endemic to NSW tho

  18. I guess it’s being reordered botanically then it’s done hehe

  19. This is how plants connect mycelium networks it’s very healthy

  20. Oh, I know those. They are what I like to call hayfever trees.

  21. Oh yes, heyfever canola crop is my husbands current enemy.

  22. Cornichons, maybe the girls knocked over a cheese platter

  23. My touch screen is broken you r talking to n English lit major 😆 meh

  24. Might need further explanation your post doesn’t make sense extrapolate please

  25. That second one looks awesome mate! 🤘🏻

  26. If you want non toxic option just use electrical tape on the stems form little cup n fill with salt. Sorry broken phone making it hard to type but this is effective n it doesn’t leech the soil n no glyphosate

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