1. I fucking love that line because who else would it be Artie? Of course it's fucking Columbus

  2. Then he comedically slips away back to the car as they throw stuff at him

  3. Tracee's death was shocking because the episode goes out of its way to make you like her and think she's basically a good person*

  4. There was controversy at the time due to David Chase setting it up so that the Melfi rape scene & Tracee brutal murder aired within 2 weeks of each other.

  5. They were modeling for a company called BoutineLA (i think its called). So its not like “they” took these pics. They were getting paid to take these and since they had the photos as well + hadnt “come up” yet, they posted them.

  6. To my memory, they didn’t even post them. The Boutine LA accounts posted them and they put reposted on their story but only the ones that were front-facing. Like none of the pics/vids they reposted showed ass from the back like this

  7. Where’s the vid tho I dont see it lmao

  8. It was posted here multiple times and it was utterly disgusting. Dude belongs in jail

  9. What happened? Did someone say something? I've watched it twice and all I do is just stare at her ass in those pants the entire time.

  10. The caption on this post is referring to Nick & Jake mentioning what she said to Nick when she saw him there

  11. How gay guys can get away with calling girls pigs is just incredible.

  12. I mean Dave’s done the same thing & gotten away with it pretty well lol

  13. The simultaneous 5 different livestreams to choose from was fun

  14. That's what I thought, but then again it could be jarod Leto (which makes more sense) because he was the villian in blade runner 2049 (he is also a worse actor than rami malek)

  15. They both gave 😬😬 performances in ‘The Little Things’

  16. You glossed over the part where both the male and female character bond over their love of sneakers in the movie and the tv show. Like literally they go on and on about special edition hard-to-get sneakers and even go on shopping trips to get them and wear matching pairs.

  17. I concede that I forgot the sneaker part. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a very strong argument. I’m just saying that I doubt Kenya Barris got the overall idea for the movie as whole from this Entourage episode. He definitely could’ve ripped off the sneaker part tho & then decided “why don’t I call up the same actress while I’m at it”.

  18. He co-wrote it with Jonah Hill by the way. Maybe Jonah saw the episode and liked Lauren.

  19. Memes career path isn’t talked about enough. Dude created a Twitter fan page for his favorite podcast. Got noticed by that podcast because of his incredible memes. Got hired by that podcast to help take over their social/producing. And is now going to the Super Bowl to help make content for that podcast. Dude is truly living the dream

  20. Makes ya wonder if/why they haven’t offered the ‘On This Day in Barstool History’ twitter guy a job lol.

  21. Can’t wait for Kyrie to discover what Cuban’s brother tweeted about him back when it all happened lol.

  22. Yeah you know it's bad when they can't find a good enough anti-Semitic quote from Hitler so they have to go making them up.

  23. Whoever pulled that quote had to make it up because Hitler would’ve never actually said anything uplifting, empowering, or positive about black Americans or black people in general. The fake quote makes it seem like Hitler “on their side” & is trying to turn black Americans against Jews

  24. Sometimes the amount big cat interrupts other people talking is just as bad as not talking, or worse. While listening to pods without video it can be very jarring and abrupt.

  25. Biggest podcast pet peeve in general is when someone’s getting to a point or riffing about something interesting & then gets cut off just for the end of the thought to never be returned to lol

  26. They are not forced he has obvious real social/mental disorders. He’s a good dude and I find him funny and entertaining a lot of the time but he is not faking any freak outs. He gets himself all riled up and never learned how to cope or had any positive correction as a child. Current breakdowns are a result of lack of early intervention and correction/ coping strategies.

  27. He does know how to manufacture it tho lol. Like you can see him being aware the cameras are rolling and he intentionally works himself up over whatever sporting event going on.

  28. Edlose Diaz and Steve Trash kill me every time. So simple, so brutal.

  29. He has so many good ones deep in his Twitter lol. I’m sure he’ll break em back out a month from now

  30. You know her fiancee* made that up right? Like he actually admitted to lying about it lol

  31. It definitely is but getting away with them, isn’t suspicious to people either? Like how?

  32. Lol what? People get away with rape & sexual assault all the time, especially celebrities. 33 accusations doesn’t mean 33 women reported their situation to the police, and the police would still then have to charge him even if that was the case.

  33. Reminds me of the Curb episode with the Tourette’s restaurant cook

  34. Jamal Ginsberg. Do some research into your quotation books before ya post OP.

  35. Might want to look up the definition of sociopathy, chief. Parasite? debatable.

  36. Why were you searching the sub for Janice posts? lol this post is almost 2 years old.

  37. Janice is a parasite and an actual sociopath, unlike Tony. She hasn't shown a single moment of genuine compassion throughout the whole show, it's alsways self interest. She sees Baccala genuinely grieving his wife and her first thought is "I want that", instead of "poor guy", and instantly starts manipulating him. Also she always leeches off of whoever she thinks will provide her with a luxurious life. First Richie, then Ralphie, then Bobby... Also have I mentioned that she abandoned her homeless child?

  38. You think streams are the only thing that matters? There’s more to music & hip-hop than just streams man

  39. Most of what she’s saying is nonsense. But I wish Drake didn’t diss Meg. That was whack af.

  40. I wish he didn’t just cuz it gave all his haters fuel to shit on him lol.

  41. How is it “wierd”? Do you have a spouse?

  42. You’re aware thousands of athletes have spouses and have also taken their shirt off in front of thousands of people & national tv?

  43. There was a good YouTube video on it. It still is kind of a mystery lol but there really was a new tattoo on his chest. The whole “wife didn’t want me with my shirt off excuse” was kinda weird tho

  44. Lol it’s just a fucking jacket and the picture isn’t even recent

  45. True, they’ve admitted competition drives them both to greatness I’m still pissed HOV sabotaged the collab tape in 2015

  46. It was 2016 and how did Hov sabotage it? They hinted at a collab tape with the billboards & Abu Dhabi thing but I never heard how Hov was involved with it not happening? Unless you’re referring to Pop Style

  47. (Rant) Let me Explain her first four albums has a lot of bangers. Example hot boyz, Busa Rhyme, and work it and the fact that Coldplay got a Super Bowl is crazy also Missy Is it in all three categories rap, R&B, and pop. She could’ve had Features like em, big boi, and 50 and that just a little she has Jay Z, Beyoncé, Method Man, Redman. Thats a lot and her flow would fit too. In conclusion Missy should have her own Super Bowl

  48. Coldplay is considerably a bigger act than Missy Elliott.

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