1. As an ICU I’m not impressed with hand veins…. I want those thick arm veins that will hold up for drips lol maybe as an L&D nurse she’s more obsessed with hand veins but that’s a no for me dawg

  2. This is kind of unrelated but I listened to a couple podcasts with her recently and her talking about her mental health journey. How she didn’t get out of bed for 6 months, the only movement she could do was walk and that’s if she got out of bed that day, etc etc. So I decided to do a little deep dive. I went back to her post on Instagram about her friend dying. And she posted CONSISTENTLY every few days after that. Full on workouts, same content as always. So now I’m like hmm… idk. Just seems inauthentic to me.

  3. Is Chloe actually bipolar or is she purposely misusing the term manic?

  4. She was a fast unfollow once she had her baby. I couldn’t stand listening to her talk about her “boobies” all day every day

  5. Gotta put it somewhere and the staff has asked me to keep my hand out of my pants.

  6. I need to watch this!! If anyone watched Elyse Myers on tiktok she explained how she signed up to go to their school in Australia thinking it was an arts/music school and it was a church…. She ended up staying to stick it out lol. I get major cult vibes from this organization!

  7. She’s definitely in a spiral today. I feel bad for her. You know something’s going on when she’s barely posted all day and she uploaded this video without the skinny filter (good for her).

  8. I was just thinking the same thing… lack of her usual posts/frequency of posting

  9. She looks like she's going for a surfer girl look am I'm gonna be PIST if this becomes her next obsession

  10. Omg look how skinny she is with the huge gap in her sweatpants… 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  11. Agree with what everyone else is saying but I also can’t get over the “lots of dimension under the tree” what ???????

  12. Agreed that was a weird way to say “my Xmas presents look aesthetic”

  13. Enough that she needs to employ help wrapping them 🙄

  14. I’m about 8 weeks in and I’ve seen a lot of progress in terms of stamina and increasing my weights every 1-2 weeks. I’ve seen gains in my shoulders/tri’s as well. Haven’t lost any weight that I can tell (scale), maybe a few pounds but I feel better overall. It’s also the only workout program I’ve tried that makes me feel confident and is sustainable to me! I actually want to work out every day now. That’s a win in my book!

  15. Balance/vitality, Stori, Alani Nu, Gymshark, Fré. I’m sure there’s more. All over hyped garbage. I do not understand how so many of the supplements pass taste tests- there’s either no flavor, the texture is awful, or it’s overly sweet. I don’t trust anything fitspos push anymore.

  16. The quality of their clothes are junk and I’ll never buy anything from them again!! Or buy anything she promotes because I’ve also tried verb bars and they’re disgusting.

  17. My dog is 4 years old and 15 lbs and does the same thing after she runs around or barks at the vacuum… she’s a healthy weight and doesn’t have heart failure 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk I just always chalked it up to her “working herself up” lol. Sometimes she coughs after drinking water too. Never seems in distress though & her breathing is normal

  18. I truly wonder if this is all a show for social media or if people ACTUALLY roll out the red carpet whenever they have guests.. like all the snacks and gifts in their guest rooms… now all these snacks. It’s like can’t people just come over and visit and it not be a big production?

  19. How are those things rebellious in the slightest bit? Lol

  20. That cannot be good for her metabolism or digestive system to consume that many calories at once and only once per day

  21. “I feel you guys” sorry you’re not a peasant and don’t understand our struggles 🙄

  22. I love her but also the fact that her child seems to have more “bad days” than good. I follow her pretty religiously but I don’t have children so I’m not sure if this is normal? Is she just a cranky baby?

  23. Babies 100% have different personalities and some of them aren’t easygoing. My oldest niece lived with me half the week for her first three years and she was absolutely more cranky than my younger niece. My great aunt also describes her first baby as an angel and her second baby as the one that convinced her she would never have more children.

  24. Oh goodness 😂😂 ok so maybe Emersyn is just a high strung baby. I do feel bad for her some days seems like she can never catch a break

  25. Looks like Shelley is her bitch now! From dog sitter to errand runner

  26. It took more time and energy for her to write that paragraph than it would have to just keep scrolling… when will this bitch get canceled??

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