1. For those that don't know, there's a Chinese spy balloon chilling in Montana and the DoD refuses to shoot it down for some reason

  2. Internet Historian does The Best video on this whole story. You can watch it here:

  3. How is this related to Russian oil?

  4. Depends if adani total gas imports cheap russian oil. I can't connect all the dots for you.

  5. Our schools had a canteen for chips and popcorn and pizza, but we've never had "school lunches".

  6. In the US, at least, school might be the only time they're getting meals. Many children qualify for free breakfasts and lunch. Food is expensive. Mom or dad might be working multiple jobs to stay afloat and don't have time to cook, or might not know how. They might live in a food desert without access to a real grocery store, and all that's around is a convenience store or gas station.

  7. Well, you got every major world power talking shit about synthetic fertilizers, so where's the incentive to expand or build new facilities that manufacture fertilizers?

  8. Should the reverse happen Xi will shoot it down without a second thought. Shouldn't the USA shows China it cannot be toyed with? All this talk about urgenty engaging China officials through diplomatic channels is perceived by China as being spineless.

  9. It powers those Chinese spy balloons (spyloon?)

  10. Something like that is used in a spy balloon (spyloon) ?

  11. Anyone who spends more than 10 minutes close to that thing can keep it as long as they want without being harmed. But you shouldn't let your friends, family, or pets get near it because they might fight you for it.

  12. So, basically the same rules as "the one ring" ?

  13. Likely low grade radioactive batteries to operate at such low temperatures... but hey, if you want to shoot it down, go for it.

  14. Call the wef what you want, but they're betting on the "metaverse"

  15. Nobody takes a car out on the ice unless they know they don't need to come back with it in working condition.

  16. Private pesticide recertification. Have to sit through 2 hour class every year or just retest every 3 years to maintain certification in order to purchase restricted use pesticides

  17. What country? I don't do the spraying on our farm in Canada myself, but i don't hear anybody in the family talk about having to take a class to do it either. Edit: does that say iowa?

  18. Does it feel like a bunch of city people trying to tell you how to farm, or is there anything useful in it?

  19. Pretty sure those ultra-orthadox jewish men, who make the news for being unable to smell a woman without sinning, are made fun of whenever it comes up.

  20. I'm not sure i know what you're talking about. After all, I'm a result of public schools 😉

  21. "I swear, i don't know how that got in there"

  22. The big pipe looks like a conveyor belt roller. The bit is called a hole saw.

  23. Yes, i believe op is asking the name of the whole saw bit, do you know it? 🤣

  24. The trick will be to get them while they're fresh. I imagine that after a few months in prison, those organs won't be very good for anything

  25. Third pic, the guy in the middle, his bicep has, like, 30 fingers

  26. The g20 synced their files to onedrive and now nobody knows where any of their files are?

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