2. IIRC our Mini 2 kit was also missing the strap; I was able to get a replacement online with relative ease

  3. Well, I think it's too expensive to ask $7.63 for a simple plastic strap (that's the price on Amazon). How much did you pay for it?

  4. Yeah, it was about that, less than ten bucks. I don't have access to a 3D printer and I value my time very highly, so that was the best solution for me.

  5. Yeah sorry that is a shattered screen. Warranty repair/replace is your only recourse

  6. Red hats are cool, we shouldn't let the MAGA hats prevent us from wearing them.

  7. So are cute little mustaches but I'm afraid those are out now too

  8. Even if you get one with a dying battery, replacements are readily available on eBay or Amazon for about $25, and easy to install. For me this was worth it because I love the Kindle Keyboard form factor too

  9. Watched this today from my sick bed for the Chiklis of it all. Unfortunately it is an anthology series so he is probably just in this one episode.

  10. It would be a shame if someone downloaded the episodes and cut out the ads and posted them to this subreddit

  11. Yeah, it actually would. The ads are a necessary evil for now. I believe Robert has said they're working on a premium subscription model. I was just venting a little with this post

  12. You understand that the ads are already paid for right? Making an ad free version doesn’t take away the money that was already given out.

  13. If pirated ad-free versions were posted here and downloaded en masse, it would affect their "official" download counts and limit the rates they can charge for ads on future episodes.

  14. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  15. Swap batteries with one of the fine-working ones.

  16. I guess I'll try that - but my working hypothesis is that something is up with the device itself, since it exhibited this behavior with two different batteries

  17. Unfortunately, freehand annotation of a regular book is not a trivial problem, because you can resize / realign the book text at any time which would throw all your annotations out of whack. Sticky notes seems like the most straightforward workaround for now.

  18. They are a PM. It says it all... they complain when you take the time to do something right, but when they force you to do a hastily job, they are also the first ones to complain when it breaks a week later.

  19. Nowhere did he say to be hasty, he just said good enough. That could mean dealing with edge cases that might cause a once-a-week crash, but not scouring to prevent something that would only happen once a year and is easily recoverable relative to the effort of doing the fix.

  20. It's a little unfair to judge someone you know little to nothing about just for being a cop. That's a very black and white view of the world.

  21. You don't seem very detail-oriented based on the typos in this post; that will probably bite you in the ass eventually. Be careful, OP!

  22. By chance is it a Samsung? If so you can get the Kindle app from the Galaxy Store which still has IAP enabled

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