1. This is probably a good time of year to find another sale on goggles.

  2. Never knew there wer light sensitive lenses. I'll have a closer look at those Scott goggles. Maybe O'Neil has similar ones.

  3. It is hard to find a dealer for this model in Germany. Seems like this bike could be a unicorn if I could ride it with 52Ps and not restricted on 28Ps this would be awesome.

  4. Besides this is THE website for motorcycle parts and gear in Germany. Can definitely recommend.

  5. What I do for camping by myself or with my wife is the same. We do anything that requires cooking ahead of time. Raw things, etc.. When I’m by myself I do half recipes. Red beans and rice, burgers, homemade Mac and cheese, brats, etc. I do all the meal planning ahead of time for each meal breakfast, lunch, dinner so I know what I’m eating each meal. Even if it’s for two weeks. It forces me to eat healthy and it’s much less stressful having that game plan. It really comes in handy for my long hiking days and just puts me on autopilot when I get back. I don’t do canned goods outside of baked beans to be honest but that’s true in all aspects of life. I just prefer fresher items and not processed. If I’m having corn with brats, I took a frozen bag of corn and measured out a serving for myself and the rest stays “fresh” at home.

  6. A meal plan is a great idea. I can imagine that measuring out servings works for a few days but I can't take an extra backpack on a two week hiking/camping trip filled with measured servings and that's the problem I try to solve.

  7. I like this one! Thanks for the information, I'll check this one out

  8. I'm looking to put a front and rear hardwired dash cam on my bike. No battery life issues and a lot cheaper.

  9. Thats a smart move..especially regarding the battery life. I don't want to use the action cam as a dash cam. It's just for travelling and fun.

  10. I'm planning a 3 month Trip through Portugal and Spain. What are your go to places? Any recommendations? Did you go camping? How cold did it get in winter? (I'll be there around november and december)

  11. Np at all, I like to share good stuff. I just checked your profile and saw you also ride an AT. I can also recommend you the

  12. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out. For most AT related questions I visit the trueadventure forum. Also a great and helpful community (in German).

  13. I'd change the oil according to the manual. If it's not available, I would change the oil and filter every 5000km / 3100 miles since the engine is rather small.

  14. Die Äpfel und Birnen könntest du im örtlichen Obst und Gartenbauverein o.ä. Abgeben. Aus 18 Kilo bekommst du ca. 9 Liter Saft. Der Saft sollte frisch gepresst und auf keinen Fall abgekocht sein. Den Saft in ein lebensmittelechtes Fass mit Gäraufsatz (Gärspund) geben. Das ganze stehen lassen und nach 4-6 Wochen anfangen zu probieren (wegen des Zuckergehalts). Wenn der Most für fertig empfunden wird, für eine längere Haltbarkeit, schwefeln (Kaliumpyrosulfit dazu). Anschließend filtern und tada.. Fertig ist dein Viez/Most/Apfel-Birnen-Wein.

  15. Better invest in good tools than in a overpriced hipster toolroll!

  16. I got the AL6 and I'm in love with it. I'm riding mostly trails but uphill is bevore the trail. The AL6 feels really good in both situations. In my opinion the torque is more suitable for "extreme" stuff (Freeride etc.) and I would not like to take the extra weight uphill.

  17. This is Saarbrücken. Saarland asozial!

  18. Nice review, thanks for sharing!

  19. Ditto if you could share the route. It’s time to quit my job and ride before the world completely falls apart.

  20. I'm interested in your route too. Those photos look really nice.

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