1. It’s not strange. Look at social theory. Power is maintained through violence. Politicians are incentivized to have their own militia, i.e. the police.

  2. This comment is so false, especially coming from a moderator. Who needs a reason to be anywhere? It’s not like the guy is walking into lecture halls and bothering professors.

  3. "Hey, Steve, stop that shit you numpty."

  4. Isn’t that basically like a vanguard?

  5. Fuck no. Texting is for logistics and logistics only. No way to make a girl attracted to you over text.

  6. I’ve been authentic all my life and it’s gotten me far but not with women.

  7. You’re an individual. You’re not going to like every guy who approaches you. You’re going to absolutely love some, yet hate others.

  8. Women who have sex with gay men are MUCH more likely to have HIV.

  9. Approaching is not creepy. Approaching creepy is creepy. Start by approaching EVERYONE. Guys, girls, old people. Get comfortable with it and you will see most people don't mind being approached. It's HOW you do it and what you say. Don't startle them. Don't trap them (like on a bus or train). And don't open with something weird or too forward. Outside of that, your fears are way overblown.

  10. The problem is that I overthink the how because I’m so hyper aware of the situation. Logically there aren’t many reasons for random people to talk to each other.

  11. as long you're polite, and they're not a captive audience (at work, on transit, at the gym) then i dont see many times when you should not shoot your shot. unless you can give some examples i might not be thinking of?

  12. If she’s at a store in an aisle by herself. In the women’s section of a store. Eating at a food court. In line at a food court. Waking down the street alone. Many examples.

  13. Yes, most guys’ photos suck. Take a second and swipe on a female friend’s profile and you’ll see exactly why the response rate for guys is so low.

  14. I recommend you should play ac3 if you’ve this question.

  15. I played it. His character model ruined the immersion.

  16. This subreddit is like a basement of angry men. Women that I actually know are business owners, artists, gamers,game designers, authors, comic writers, comic artists, they make movies, they act, they are activists, they work with kids, they are teachers, they are often also mothers. Women can do anything men can do & have for hundreds of years.

  17. Are you going to answer the question?

  18. ze55 says:

    He talks to everyone, is always going on somewhere (wilderness, driving to another city, waterfalls, etc), has a pretty minimalist lifestyle, knows how to cook, and is in excellent shape.

  19. Does he cold approach when out regularly?

  20. From what I’ve been told, if you can confidently say you’re a switch hitter and haven’t been training for at least 5 years in each stance then you’re not.

  21. While I do agree that music can only evolve through cultural exchange, appropriation was and is still a problem in music in certain cases. Particularly back then when black music was demonized in America in the early days unless Elvis was playing it (nothing against him personally that's just how it was back then).

  22. Similarly black music (outside of hip hop) is demonized and deliberately ignored in western culture. Especially on the internet where East Asian culture is fetishized. Similar to how Citypop is so popular, while the actual African American originators and reference tracks are pretty much culturally insignificant in terms of popularity. Another example is K-pop and how the African American music it covers and references are also very unknown, if not unheard of in the modern era.

  23. How so if you don’t mind me asking. I find that most people I talk to love old school R&B and funk regardless of what culture they are from. Also many hit artists like Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, and thundercat have been putting R&B and funk back in the forefront in a mostly hip hop dominated era

  24. Bruno Mars especially is an appropriator who benefits from the fact that the actual musicians and songs he rips his style from are no longer culturally relevant.

  25. Your guard is very open, your elbows aren’t tucked and you leave your face right open for a jab.

  26. Many mental disabilities are caused by those systems, specifically Capitalism which enables poverty. Socialist governments have also been destroyed by Capitalist countries as well.

  27. How do they even decide who gets the apartment lol?

  28. Most likely sexual favors. Landowning class does what they want.

  29. Make sure you understand your fundamentals and actually study the game. There are some good pdfs out there from the sanctioning bodies that give a great overview of the proper technique and strategy in boxing.

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