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  1. I hear it! I wouldn't be surprised if he took the same inspiration to write Scar Tissue, which leads to both tracks starting with similar sounding notes.

  2. After playing NMS, I’m also concerned about planets being boring rocks and plants of various colours.

  3. The style of NMS was somewhat like that, but it is bigotry to see a bad procedural example and avoid it. The solution is to develop procedural system that work more accurately. I don't have high hopes, but let's hope Bethesda is doing it well.

  4. I don’t understand who or what you are suggesting is a bigot here lol but I’m also hesitantly excited for what Bethesda delivers. We shall see!

  5. Is it bad that I've fantasized about being in this situation? With the way people are these days, I wouldn't even care if I got the death penalty and went to hell... It'd be worth it.

  6. I absolutely dislike this feel good mentality. Any /r that is focused on ukraine war content but has a neutral take in the topic?

  7. I have been feeling the same way lurking here. The rose tinted glasses are honestly off putting, in a way. Not to say I don’t like good news, or am anti Ukraine, but I’d much rather see both the good and the bad (and ambiguous), if possible. I would also like to know about another subreddit with more objective delivery.

  8. when i was a kid i was in the deep end of the wave pool, it was packed as hell just like this, and being the nice kid i was i asked an older kid without a floatie if he wanted mine because i was gonna get out....well thinking i was a strong superior swimmer (i was not) i gave it to him and while swimming back to shore i realized the waves were getting increasingly crazier. the people were yelling to turn the waves up and the employee like the most extreme level possible and..approx 1 min later i got nearly crushed to death and drowned by the other floaties violently crashing together in the waves.

  9. Holy shit you nearly died. It’s incredible you didn’t, really! That’s terrifying.

  10. Casually saying that about the absolute best reddit mobile app by far? Weird. I'm on Apollo and I couldn't possibly imagine going back to the official garbage.

  11. What else does it offer? Other than being able to easily save a video, like you mentioned. I use the official app and have no real issues with it.

  12. Accidentally recreated a familiar melody while learning the basics of FL Studio. Does anyone else recognize it? It's on the tip of my tongue!

  13. You could be a ditch digger for all it matters. The one and only meaningful answer to any of these discussions is “it’s a comic book movie and you’re thinking too hard about it.”

  14. I agree. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. Half the comments in this thread are jokes about it. Also, consider just the fact that this jokingly-playful meme exists. It doesn't matter what Spidey grabbed onto in a background shot where he is not the focus. And for good reason, because there isn't anything to talk about, it's barely universe breaking that no one cares because it looks cool. These moments are not littered throughout the film. But, filmmakers make choices to include these kind of "breaking" moments in all style of film, especially action films. It reminds me of DND and "the rule of cool". The rule of cool makes for better storytelling but cannot be overused, such that the story no long becomes beliveable. The longer and deeper you look at any media, the more you'll find to be upset about. Take it from someone who loves this scene and can't get Endgame without crying.

  15. People need to shit on marvel movies in any way they can. Even if it's one frame of the movie.

  16. It’s honestly comical to listen to their gripes

  17. The doubters will come to light when they are given legitimate reason not to doubt. These points listed by OP include language like “looks fun”, “looks massively improved”, and “going to get”. These points are empty. I hope the game is amazing, I really do. Time will tell.

  18. what are you talking about “looks massively improved" that's a fact not some empty point.

  19. There’s a very big distinction between something that “looks good” vs “is good”. Have you heard of Cyberpunk? Duke Nukem Forever? NMS? Latest Mass Effect? Star Wars sequels? BF2042? They all “looked” great!” Yea, there are examples going both ways, but the reality is we don’t know until it’s released. That is always the case, with all media.

  20. A similar situation happened in Toronto, earlier this week, within the first minute of the show! Except, Mark was leading the crowd. He was keeping the mood light by half serious half jokingly reminding everyone to "stay hydrated" and "drink water". Sounds like Laura took it more seriously, this time. Admirable, no doubt. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I know SA CD is a dying (if not long dead) audio format, but my father in law is a audiophile and has this amazing sound system, with an SA CD player. He loves it and always raves about it. I was hoping to get him a Khruangbin album in SA CD format but haven’t had much luck Googling it. Anyone know if they have released in this format?

  22. In the video this came from, they say that they just kinda turn the camera and hope they get a good shot. Also if I recall correctly, shots like these are typically more used for replays then the live shots.

  23. Do they (also) use automated camera using tracking tech to follow particular cars? That could eliminate the need for camera guys like this, unfortunately. I don’t watch so I’m not familiar with any of this, just curious?

  24. I’m not taking vacation time right away, I all but refuse to purchase it as a preorder so I’ll just wait a few days after launch to gauge the initial reactions to see if it’s worth getting.

  25. That’s a veteran gamer move right there. Will be doing the same, despite my excitement.

  26. Seconded Grindelwald! Just spent 2 weeks travelling Switzerland and could have easily stayed the entire time in Grindelwald.

  27. Get rid of that god awful, Grandma's furniture or at least buy a new TV stand:

  28. I agree. Putting some thought into home decor goes a long way to making a space more comfortable. It’s not just about the sound or entertainment system. Then, throw in a bit of cable management, colour coordination, and you can really change a space.

  29. I try to have a 15 minute nap around lunchtime.

  30. I’d argue the stimulants would lead to a bigger crash after the sugar rush. I would recommend exercise. It helps to regulate a lot of our body functions, among many other benefits.

  31. Personally, I like how OP said “Starfield has already delivered” and then goes to say “it’s all speculation at this point”. If they are trying to make comments on blanket hate, how about comments on blanket love? It’s literally the exact same.

  32. I don't need to speculate. It's going to be a good game. Starfield 100% has delivered, because that means different things to different people.

  33. You literally said “it’s all mainly speculation at this point”

  34. Also, this is not oddly terrifying. This is just terrifying. Smh

  35. Just got back from visiting Switzerland. First day in Zurich I felt so out of place wearing a band t-shirt. To put it it in perspective: people rode by us on bikes wearing 3 piece suits. Zurich, for example, compared to Grindelwald, is very fancy. Very clean. Very high end. Grindelwald is hiker central and most people wear hiking clothes or jeans. Lucern was more casual and familiar, relative to major western cities. Can’t speak to the other places you mentioned! Ultimately, it didn’t matter though. I still wore athletic wear/athleisure everywhere and all is good. Enjoy!

  36. I launched earlier today for the first time and was excited to try it out! I sat in an empty queue for a long time, as well. According to SteamDB, it's definitely a dead game:

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