1. Imagine if your head was 4.2x bigger then tell me if you’d still need a pillow

  2. Do not date a computer engineering major they’ll procrastinate on a project and then spend 48 straight hours building a working 64 bit processor with nothing but wires and NAND gates.

  3. Mr Electric send him to the penis explosion chamber and have his penis exploded IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  4. There’s a tug of war between damage-per-second (DPS), total damage, and control.

  5. Cross regurgitates the popular sentiments around the D2 community for views. It’s his business strategy. It works.

  6. Al bagra is one of my favorite maps in the game. The camping spots have multiple ways to flank and are difficult to defend, the whole map promotes movement and it makes the matches action packed and fun.

  7. I didn't play for 5 days while home for Thanksgiving and my first game of Kill Confirmed I played against the worst lobby I'd ever played against. I must've gotten 4 triple kills with just a single clip of a TAQ-V. I would walk into a room, three people would turn and stare at me as I mowed them all down. They might have actually been blind.

  8. Maybe the firekeeper in Anal London? Can't really tell tbh.

  9. In where? Sorry the firekeeper in where? Sorry where's the firekeeper from?

  10. Everytime I do it I whisper to myself 'skewerbutt'

  11. So eerie, I drove past it at 3 yesterday on my way home from thanksgiving. Even snapped a picture of the signs and sent to a friend who had just visited.

  12. To be clear, this is Seaport Marine which is a marina down closer to the drawbridge. It's not Mystic Seaport (w/ the whaling village and ships and such).

  13. 80% of the managers at my company would be laid off

  14. You’re either gonna be telling that story to others for decades or you’ve ruined that friendship forever, no in between

  15. I watched this episode on Adult Swim when I was like 8 years old because I left the TV on. I still have the scene burned in my brain. Absolutely disturbing.

  16. It was just a song. The vitality of it and those who knew it was savathuns song and worried every time they heard it fed savvy, like a big slice of red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory in the form of Imbaru tribute.

  17. Great example of Occam’s razor. Transformed into mice? Really?

  18. It’s been sad watching this game get grossly mismanaged over the year. I started playing in Nov 2021 and just watched the game get worse, and worse, and worse. Daily adventure incense was the only positive I can remember and it didn’t even work for me properly.

  19. You sure it wasn't all in your head dihjqwiu9dhu789g12do78g12diuybh123dkjbhgdguy8 hbewiu dh;as diofh c;eow cfhdesf chasdfahs ccbeic beswcjewcem,wcn aszidnajosdn

  20. This is the VA - I think because they sync up the mouth movements on the character model with the mouth movements of the VA as they deliver the lines. Could be wrong though, and not sure how it works for different languages.

  21. That’s really cool! I’m hiding in your fiberglass insulation I can hear you breathe when you sleep

  22. Nah man, you freed yourself! You have what it takes to take Jesus as your true lord and saviour!

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