1. Close! I got everything except instead of the Commodity, I got a Skylar perfume

  2. I have the exact same bag coming! Thanks for the swatches, I'm even more excited now :)

  3. That sounds horrible. Can you try your local Emergency room? I'm sorry about your apartment. I hope everyone got out safely

  4. No, I upgraded when they announced it was going to be Huda

  5. I am so sorry for your loss 😭 I experienced a similar loss of our 11 year old cat a few months ago. We had just taken her to the vet because she wasn't moving around like she normally would. Vet told us it was arthritis & prescribed a med for it. Unfortunately two days later she hid under my bed, had a seizer and died. It hurts so bad to loose an animal so sudden, and with no explanation of the cause

  6. Best concealer - kokie cosmetics Best foundation - it cosmetics bye bye foundation

  7. I snagged the beauty blender & the light kokie concealer duo (with brush)

  8. I’m a little jealous of everyone who got the freebie! It was never glitched when I checked. 😂

  9. It's my first glitch purchase! I'm usually too late

  10. I didn’t know there were more in the past! I’m fairly new to Ipsy. :) I’ll be checking alllll the products for glitches from now on! 😂

  11. Oh yeah, a few weeks ago there was an eyeshadow bundle with a palette & I think an eyeliner for $1 (I was too late, but several others ordered & received it!)

  12. I signed up immediately when I saw Huda! It's the first gbx I've been interested in & will be my first ever gbx, and it's my birthday month, so I figured I'd do something nice for myself 💗

  13. I was going to do this! But when I clicked it to lock into the regular bag for $11/month, it went to checkout for annual Plus @ $275+tax

  14. I’m soooo sorry. I’ve only been subbed to BC since June 2021 and out of every box thus far, the only one I’ve hated was September. My choice was the GlamGlow mask so that was the ONLY thing I liked from that box. I told myself after that horrible box I would get thru October because I really wanted to try Glow Recipe products and that I would wait to see what choice was for November and I’m still undecided on whether or not I’m keeping BC. I picked the Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser. But idk. I have major FOMO that if I cancel, I’ll miss something AMAZING for next months box😂 it’s ridiculous tbh.

  15. I was going to cancel after September as well, I need to use up my charms & then I was done.. but the glow recipe made me stay for October as well. I totally get the fomo as well, but I'll most likely keep November, just because it's my birthday month 🙄 ugh, I can't with myself sometimes 😂

  16. I received this box as well, glam glow choice & 2.0 weight. I'll use everything!

  17. I haven’t seen this exact variation yet. The Tresluce palette is prettier than I expected, but the warning on the back that it’s not approved for use around the eyes is confusing. And the Pinky Promise sticks feel random. I don’t know what to do with them.

  18. I received the Pinky eyeshadow sticks last month. The matte cream one is perfect for eyeshadow base & the darker shimmer shade is a great topper, or used all over the lid.. hope that helps!

  19. Honestly, I am HELLA disappointed that I didn’t receive the Ace Beauté eyeshadow pallet this month. That was the only thing I was really hoping to get. I do not need another primer or bronzer (like damn, y’all sent me 2 already over the summer) and I just got makeup wipes in my premium box this month too. Glad I canceled both of my subscriptions after this month.

  20. I'm scared I'm going to get this box too. I'll find out today!

  21. Oooo I hope this is my box! I hear got routing info & my weight is 2 lbs with the glam glow as choice!

  22. So lucky! Wish I could have gone! 😍 I never see these events in Florida unfortunately

  23. I think they've held boxycharm events in Florida

  24. Dear Ipsy, please come host one of these in Seattle. Thank you.

  25. I picked the Glow Recipe and I really hope this is my variation but mine hasn’t even shipped yet. The palette looks so pretty.

  26. I want this box so bad!!! But the fact mine hasn't even been sent yet, I'm thinking this won't be my variation, unfortunately

  27. Oh! I forgot to review the bag... I'm in love! Ipsy did Halloween/October well this year!!

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