Megathread: Raphael Warnock Wins Re-Election in Georgia Runoff

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  1. Thank you! i found when i precomped the text layer that it completely change the scale and position for some reason. So I precomped the base layer and i think that worked!

  2. At this point, they have all revealed what is not a deal breaker for them. And much of what is not a deal breaker is evil. So if they are not evil, they are perfectly fine with evil being done in their interest and on their behalf. Which, I dunno, makes it seem like the duck that’s walking and quacking so much like a duck, might be… a duck.

  3. As a Boomer, I would like to point out that there have always been left of center and radically left of center Boomers. Publications like the Nation and radio stations like WBAI and radio shows like Democracy Now all had Boomer audiences.

  4. This all rings true. Here’s my problem (not with you)… when the dream candidate arrived in the form of Bernie Sanders, all the movement boomers I know abandoned him and went centrist. That was the point when I felt like the radical boomers I had always looked up to sold me a bill of goods, and I turned on them in my mind.

  5. They tried to overthrow FDR, led by Prescott Bush, the Father and Grandfather of 2 presidents.

  6. Investing in the younger generation would mean investing in the future

  7. The future itself is a bogeyman for conservatives. Communists always talked about ‘the future’ at the turn of the century, so their whole platform is to reject it. It will hopefully be their downfall eventually.

  8. Had a feeling I’d see Margarine Trailer Greed’s name on the list

  9. Now that we only need Manchin or Sinema, not both, they are going to start detesting and sabotaging each other. Let the games begin!

  10. Manchin and Sinema are suddenly really sad.

  11. Margarine Trailer Greed is our most special American.

  12. What will Sinema and Manchin do when their meal ticket is gone?

  13. Just found this thread after I watched the movie tonight.

  14. I have a parking pass for sale for the 9/21 game.

  15. You send an OMF file, that contains all the media you need

  16. No but I need it to not bring files with it, but rather refer back to the original files. So when i (or my client) open the audition file, i (or my client) can relink to the original files they gave me to create the project, rather than be forced to now be linked to the new OMF/AAF/Dynamic link extracted files.

  17. You can choose not to embed the files in an AAF. So when they open it, they are prompted to point to the local files on their system.

  18. In the early 2000s, I was a Republican. I voted for Bush both times. But after the absolute fucking sham of the Iraq war, I had my blinders pulled off. And it just kept getting crazier from there. I will never vote Republican another day in my life. These people are abhorrent, and I am ashamed I used to count myself amongst them.

  19. The guys to change your mind like this belong to the rare American. I wish there were more like you.

  20. No polls are factoring the DROVES of women that are coming out to vote- including FIRST TIME voters who have had their freedoms assaulted.

  21. As a teacher, I would never say it like this in the classroom. Sincerely hope this man didn’t teach with such bias to his students.

  22. You are definitely not a teacher. Only conservative trolls begin comments with “as a gay black man/as a teacher/as a wicca.” Take your lying ass over to the_donald

  23. I’m going to assume you’re not a teacher. Probably for the best.

  24. I hate to disappoint you. But the good news is I teach my students one simple thing: if it can be destroyed by the truth, it must be destroyed by the truth. I therefore don’t have to say anything “slanted” or “biased” at all, because the horseshit spewing from the mouths of GOP politicians is all they need to know where to start.

  25. We've been yelling at them to not touch the lump of concentrated evil in the toaster oven for years. At this point they don't care, they'll explodes themselves to own the libs.

  26. This is the best comment in the history of Reddit.

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