1. Couple Chargers koozies, Chargers branded clear bag, and a coupon for 10% off any full price item over $200 at the Chargers team store.

  2. Do you not get a store discount as a season ticket holder? 10% over $200 is a slap in the face

  3. We usually have a good laugh when the trailer pulls away and somebody is still in it. I mean, stop it... but it's usually funny.

  4. You make it sound like common occurrence lol. I’m always scared of doing that so I double check the dock every time before pulling out a trailer. It happened one time at our warehouse where a fork lift fell out the back of a trailer.

  5. I thought this rare, until I looked in the ups sub and apparently taking a ride in the yard is pretty common. They said they didn’t even have red/greens on the dock, I saw a picture of the rollers fallen out and trailer away from the dock.

  6. I can just imagine walking to the back of the trailer after pulling out to close the doors and there’s a guy just standing in there giving you a look lmao.

  7. Don’t see too many box trucks with a sleeper

  8. They seemed to have stuck with their covid style schedule where they minimize travelling as much as possible.

  9. Is Anthony Bennett like half Canadian or something or does he just count as a Canadian because he played USports?

  10. They basically just have to wait as long as possible to release him to see if they can get a trade. Eventually Sask will give in lol.

  11. My gut feeling is he re unites with VAJ in BC

  12. This is so cool and so terrifying at the same time

  13. Dude sounds just like Rod Pederson. “I knew about this before everyone else!”

  14. Pretty damn good for a guy they had no intention of re signing.

  15. I’m really curious how much interest he had around the league. I’m thinking not as much as he hoped. I know fa hasn’t opened yet but I’m sure he got an idea.

  16. I am jealous of that beautiful weather

  17. Anyone watch The Last of Us? First episode was real good, true to the game but with added stuff needed for a series

  18. I loved it. I hate watching 1 episode a week though so I might just wait til all episodes are out to just binge it.

  19. Ahh. I just use tobaganning as a blanket term. We haven't had an actual toboggan for years. Sledding isn't really accurate either because we're Krazy carpeting most of the time.

  20. One time when I was a kid I let go of my crazy carpet at the top of the hill and it flew away to never been seen again. Sad day.

  21. Don’t believe what any of these people say. They clearly time travelled.

  22. This is exactly why Rourke has no choice but to sit on the bench for a couple years. Coaches are scared to undermine their GM. You could have a cfl player playing better than a teams 3rd or 4th round pick but the draft pick is going to get way more opportunities to prove himself.

  23. Finally. Tom is going to get a receiver who can run a blazing fast 4.47

  24. You make it sound like that’s slow

  25. This is so crazy it that it just might work.

  26. Just stick a straw in there and blow as hard as you can


  28. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the only other non-American to play quarterback in the NFL that I can think of is Mark Rypien (from Calgary).

  29. Just watched that kids highlight tape. Holy shit is he a man amongst boys. If I read it right I believe he won the most outstanding player award for the Winnipeg high school league as a fucking o lineman. Wild.

  30. And people say you can’t get rich in the CFL

  31. The decade or so he spent in the nfl might have helped

  32. Has that ever happened like ever? Other than for an interim coach?

  33. I’ll take the job you don’t even have to pay me that much

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