States’ rights

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  1. People forget the logistics of this. How would you handle immigration and naturalization? Is everyone there automatically a citizen? What currency will be used and who will back it? What about defense? What about the electricity grid or water flow? And that's just the tip of iceberg.

  2. So true.....and that's how low the bar has been set!

  3. South Carolina has impressive squatters rights as well.

  4. My second degree was in criminal justice. My god was that an easy bachelors. I worked full time and still drank like a fish.

  5. If it's going to be me doing the fighting, then the DOD needs to start refunding some money. I pay taxes that fund the military to protect the country from foreign invaders. Taxes are used for the National Guard and Police.

  6. …aaaand we lie about birth certificates, and what our religion is. Oh that’s just you, Obama. Only thing he was great at was deceiving the entire world.

  7. Everyone lies about their religion. How simple are you to think religion means anything about the person?

  8. The shooting of elementary school children I presume to be louder. You can survive a gun shot wound for longer than a bomb dropping on you.

  9. Sooooo, OAN is implying that being cost effective is more important than their principles? If it's truly worth it, costs can be dealt with later.

  10. It’s a business, the only interest is to turn a profit. Settling is always cheaper even if you are in the right.

  11. Settling is more cost effective. However, it doesn't help public perception, and gives others something to seize upon.

  12. Enjoying everything you offer!

  13. I work construction in South Carolina. Even the white kids barely speak English 😂😂😂

  14. It's a shame the Ambassador and FS Officer died. The CIA and the people in that facility knew the risk. Oh well.

  15. That isn't generally how easements work, at least in the US. An easement grants someone other than the properties owner a right to do something specific on said property. If there is a right of way easement through here for the construction and maintenance of a public road, then those are the only rights to the land that the public have. The owners still have fee title to the land in that situation.

  16. Usually it's an allotment the utilities have. Again, from the center of the road to about 5-10 feet onto the yard. Meter out is the utility, meter into house is on homeowner.

  17. It isn't about whether someone thinks they own the property within an easement or not. Easements by definition are not a fee acquisition of someone's land by someone else. If a utility company holds an easement to construct and maintain a utility line on and across someone's property said utility company, by definition, does not own the land. There can be language in the easement restricting what the land owner can do within the easement, but the land owner still holds the title to the underlying parcel.

  18. Source: I was a contractor and now work for a utility provider.

  19. To hell with you and your kids.

  20. The video on a hydrogen bus going up in flames is even more effed up.

  21. All holy sites are completely arbitrary. People see Jesus in Doritos.

  22. These are all College of Charleston kids forgetting they are in a city, not some bubble. Charleston has a lot of homeless and it's fair share of crime. The people that have been there for years are typically mistreated and these kids come in thinking they run the place. It's a city not the suburbs.

  23. It seems odd to me that COC students hang out at block parties on America Street. Has that ever been a thing? Hell, I was told to stay the fuck away from there if I wanted to live. Period.

  24. Don't want to dirty up those pastels!

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