Left to walk doggo, came back to 95% of candy gone in 30 seconds

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. You also still wouldn’t have won either way 24/24/13 vs 16/24/24

  2. Well in that case I‘m afraid I can’t help you. Restarting and completing the challenge again did it for me in the past

  3. That’s cool bro, thanks for the help anyway. I thought the same would work for me too, but no joy!

  4. I'm mentally preparing to quit the game. I'm in pool 2, but one of my season missions would put me into 3 (upgrade 12 cards). So I skip that reward or I go into 3 this month.

  5. I’ve just gone into three and a destroy deck is working well for me, built with no 3 cards. Worth a shot.

  6. Hahah teh Zoomies will alwasy be there if its an indoor cat! They do calm down with age, but they always get the zooom zoooms.

  7. I have purchased 2 battle passes because of the acceleration it provides my collection… but if my collection is complete no need to buy

  8. But surely a tier 4 will come in to play? Or at least more card drops somwhere along the line. Im only just in to tier 3 - so plenty to still collect for me!

  9. Yea but they need to handle it carefully. I’m 2 off from completing my collection and once I do I know I’m going to stack up credits until I see if pool 4 would start right after completing 3 or if they’re going to go a different direction for pool 4.

  10. Yeah good point. Fuxk me though, nice work on the almost complete collection!

  11. Yeh, completely agree with this. Whats causing it to flower is the stress caused from underwatering.

  12. Like the dude before and the dude before and the video and anything else you moron.

  13. Its cool bro, i got you on the upvote. Fuck this Clown.

  14. The pixel art suck imo. Why do you want a pixelated image? I just dont get it!

  15. Looks like the exact opposite of this bro! Shes thirsty! Just go easy, and dont saturate her!

  16. go slowly, and ABSOLUTELY make sure all the medium is saturated. there is no reason to have dry soil at that age.

  17. Exactly this. Gotta get the medium wet at this stage, just don’t go from under to over if you can help it!

  18. Yeah, lovely gesture, not sure this belongs in Penmanship Porn - Looks more like a letter from a murderer..

  19. Alright since yall still don't see the basic point of the post and are making a more complex one up here is the basic point:

  20. You clearly missed the point too. This isnt about what Elon has priced a jumper, this is about AOC saying $8 is too expensive, yet here she is, selling her own Jumpers for $58. Business is business. Free Speech has nothing to do with this. The womans just trying to get as much attention as possible.

  21. Nah you actually missed the point lol. However AOC is getting the clothes made is unionized. So it’s more expensive because people are actually getting fair benefits and shit.

  22. Not sure all of that was inferred by the post at the top, but yeah you go buddy!

  23. Only $2.735 more to rise and I'll hit my entry point.

  24. ahahaha know the feeeling. Woooo. Buy High sell maybe when it gets back there. Lol

  25. This is why halloween is completlely fucking stupid these days. Now its just which prick can steal the most sweets as fast as possible - What happened to the TRICK? Why is no one getting squirted with water or scared shitless? Instead they are just left baskets of sweets to help themselves to and in true 2022 style, no one gives a shit about leaving any for others.

  26. Show me the posts where people are planting stuff in pots with their weed plants.

  27. Sent you a link - try Googling weed with companion clover if you fancy putting in a little effort yourself

  28. Not sure how all the Noah’s will feel about being commies

  29. No, neither one or two, or even 3 of those cheapo strip LEDs will grow weed to a decent harvest. And, they're not meant to run 18-20 hours per day. Spend now on quality or spend again, and again, and again on inferior products. For 1 or 2 plants, get something like a MarsHydro TS1000, +/-$120, at minimum.

  30. Exactly this - Minimum you want is that. Id say spend as much as you can afford on a light once, and then you wont be constantly trying to chase more light for your grows and asking questions like "why are my buds so airy", "why aren't they growing well etc" - A lot of these come down to poor light. So buy a good one and you'll eliminate a lot of these problems from your grow. Of course, issues such as heat become more prevalent with a stronger light, but everyone growing has to deal with this!

  31. Question on grove bags, do they produce a lot of odor? My understanding is they allow a certain amount of air flow (intentionally). I’m wondering if that creates an odor when you store them. Thanks!

  32. Hey bud, so from using them myself I didn’t notice any form of smell leaking from them, in fact I believe they are made to be smell proof, so probably even better than a jar for the smell, until you open it of course 😄

  33. Awesome! That was my one worry - just placed an order for some. Thanks!

  34. FYI as well, for the most effectiveness you should heat seal them and then just leave them to cure, and I guarantee no smell will be leaking out then. I personally don’t heat because I can’t keep my nose from having to have a whiff every week 😂 But even so, just with the seal shut and not heat sealed the smell was hidden!

  35. Would look great walking around with a piece of that in your mouth “weelll good morning yall”

  36. And need proper containers well, at least larger ones even if they're not specifically for growing in .

  37. Not really true bro, you can start a seed in any container. Just needs to have drainage. Then you repot when it’s outgrown.

  38. Sorry, I should clarify that badly written comment 🤣 by "proper" I meant one that drains well even if it's not a plant pot. OP medium looks really dry, so a good draining container would be good as they'll need to water and don't want it sitting in what to me looked like a ceramic with no drainage...

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