1. I was 1 years old when the show first aired, 14 when I first started watching, and am about to turn 19 in a couple weeks.

  2. Season 5 episode 13. The following is copy an paste from the buffverse wiki. Lawson, a mysterious man from Angel's past, arrives at Wolfram & Hart and takes the gang hostage. Through flashbacks to World War II, it is revealed that Angel worked with the U.S. Navy to recover a captured German submarine with American sailors on board. The ship also has a secret cargo, a dangerous trio of vampires, including Spike, who were kidnapped by the Germans and forced to help the Nazis. When the sub comes under attack, Angel saves Lawson's life by turning him into a vampire. Now, sixty years later, Lawson has arrived at Wolfram & Hart seeking revenge. His revenge is due to the guilt he feels by killing people. He's a vampire with remorse. It's hinted that because Angel had a soul when he turned Lawson, that it caused to to retain som of his soul. But instead of truly trying to figure out the issue, it turns into a fight to the death.

  3. Oh dang. I always wondered about that, but never knew the answer. Has this been confirmed or just fan speculation?

  4. The speculation comes directly from the show. Lawson asks Angel if him having a soul is what's causing his guilt/remorse. Angel responds "I don't know, you're the only one I turned while having a soul". It's a scenario that the show specifically brings up, but is never actually figured out.

  5. Oh okay. It's been a while since I've seen that episode, but I'll pay attention to that part when I get there on my current rewatch.

  6. It's fair to have that opinion but it's also fair for Dylan to have his.

  7. Simone in my opinion only got reengaged to trey because her family likes trey and I think Simone and lucas are going to go down a similar route japril went there is a reason the writers wrote Simone's family liking trey and Simone never really said she loves trey she just went along with his marriage proposal because it was public

  8. 100% agree. She mentioned the "my family loves him" and I immediately thought "but that doesn't mean you do." And when he proposed, she looked so awkward and it was obvious she was thinking "I'll say yes because of my family and because this will be awkward if I reject this man in front of everyone."

  9. I’m curious about the reasoning for the people voting yes. I prefer Jolex to Izzex and wanted them to be endgame, but not after the way he left

  10. 100%. I almost chose yes, but then I thought about how hard it would to work past him leaving her like that. As much as I loved them together, it would feel cheap if they brought him back now.

  11. I genuinely don't understand how you came close to hitting yes? Like no hate, just questioning.

  12. My first reaction was to choose yes because I love them together. It was after I stopped to think about all the stuff you mentioned that I decided on no.

  13. I agree that the age gap makes percy x nico (as well as some of the canon couples) icky but I don’t see any harm in head canoning percy as bi. Head canons don’t always need an MLA format essay with textual evidence to support them, sometimes you head canon something just because.

  14. Honestly, I feel the same. Everyone thinks she was harsh to Debbie, but I don't think she was that bad. She was blunt, direct. If that were a real scenario, I'd want her to be nicer about it, but the boyfriend in the episode was literally killing people; that adds urgency to the situation.

  15. I really like Riley in season four. Like you said, he's a good dude all around. It's only season five when he starts being annoying.

  16. George forgiving Bailey and Richard for doing that last surgery and not being honest with him. They said they'd be honest with him and they've broken protocol so many times that they could've at least hinted at him.

  17. Wait. What? I don't remember anything like that with George.

  18. that Alex and April scene in season 7. Alex absolutely deserved that beat down from Jackson.

  19. Yes. I actually wrote a short essay about it for a scholarship last year.

  20. I like it, but I wish it was placed before "I Only Have Eyes For You."

  21. I get where you're coming from. Anytime someone says something against God or tries to "prove" He's not real/powerful, I feel sad. I usually pray about it after and say "Sorry about those comments God. Idk if you're hurt by then, but I feel sad that this person doesn't understand you."

  22. Yes. I'm so tired of the "Dylan hasn't posted in a week. Is he okay????" and "I miss Dylan. It's been four days since your last video. I hope he posts soon" Reddit posts. Let the man do what he wants when he wants. Do you want quantity or quality?

  23. Best thing about wireless: the lack of necessity for phone placement (pocket, counter, etc) Worse thing about wireless: limited battery life

  24. Not bad at all. How many people are away from home for 31 consecutive days? I’m sure Netflix has run the numbers.

  25. I'm a freshman in college but use my family's account. I've done that since high school, so why stop now? That's not fair for me to be forced to give up my access to Netflix just because I don't live at home.

  26. What are college students supposed to do, fly home every month to log in on their parents’ wifi? Too expensive

  27. I was just thinking that. I live close to home, so it wouldn't really be a big deal to do that, but that's still an inconvenience.

  28. When Teddi cheated on Owen with Koracic and left him a voicemail where he HEARD it happening.

  29. Also the fact that a handful of people heard it in the OR.

  30. Barrett, especially when she has the long hair. This short hair looks weird to me, and makes her look like a different person.

  31. Best brides: Jo, because she was so happy and made the bad parts of the day, and Bailey, because her marriage was the only one to last

  32. I hate it. It's so forced, there is no chemistry. I would be okay with Amelia being with a woman since that has been hinted at, but this relationship feels like a cheap way to include representation.

  33. I thought that would lead to something, but I don't recall it being any more than a throw away line.

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