1. Is this like a plastic bin with mylar around the inside?

  2. Nice!! I have a Malo4xZelly39 that has similar ribs.

  3. So the sf 4000 in a 5x5 with proper humidity ventilation etc would be fine for like 8-12 plants would you say?

  4. A 4x4 will be fine for your number of plants. I have over 50 in mine, 8 of which are 2-3 ft tall.

  5. Yeah no worries, but usually the mom will be the dominant trait expression so look for things crossed with Sharxx. Usually the first name in the cross is the mom.

  6. Source? Are you talking about phenotypically? Why would the mother have the dominant expression?

  7. Ya know that's just what I've heard from people who have been popping a lot of seeds.

  8. Quick shipping. Great communication. Definitely a great guy to get some beans from!

  9. I highly recommend Paleojoe on there. His plants are amazing. Honestly a ton of great vendors on there but I feel like one of his would definitely get a big reaction.

  10. Been going past that house for a year and never noticed till today, guess I never looked up ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  11. Knock on the door and ask politely for a cutting and who knows? That is a beautiful cactus for sure though

  12. I don't think the hobby will ever be as popular as cannabis and the time it takes to grow out and then be consumed and properly reported on are some of the more prohibitive factors. Maybe someday with advances in genetic testing at home I could see some pretty cool stuff eventually being done.

  13. has info on all of these parents and you can source your own seed to give this a try there as well. He does things old school by having you print an order form and send money order but I only know of 2 other breeder on his level, one in Australia and the other I haven't had the chance to use and their website is slipping my mind.

  14. Who are the two you are thinking of? I know Ross Gurau is legit, and he is from New Zealand. I've also seen some beautiful cacti from Ikaros DNA's seeds and Pacific Cactus has some super cool crosses too. I'm always looking for more genetics to add, so I'm curious what the 2 breeders you're talking about.

  15. yea ive over done it a bit now, so i gotta figure out something else now

  16. Those orange spines + variegation look insane. BTW love the blue meanie I got from you!

  17. BIN free and also thanks for this giveaway! This community is fucking awesome and I can't wait to eventually do some of my own.

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