Podcast Request: Questions for the Guys?

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  1. That guy filming is probably way better than you

  2. I've thought about this and the thought I arrived at was : the universe is incomprehensibly big to human beings and we humans and planet earth are definitely insignificant in comparison to the vastness of the universe. However, the universe is so vast that in my opinion every planet / lifeform is insignificant in relation to the universe. So if every planet / lifeform in the universe is insignificant (in comparison to the universe as a whole) then in my opinion human beings living on planet earth are actually significant and we should think of ourselves as significant. I know i'm rambling and probably not making any sense but I guess what I'm trying to say is, the insignificance of us living here on earth can be flipped because everything is insignificant in the universe (when compared to the universe as a whole) so if everything is insignificant then you could argue the opposite, that actually everything IS significant.

  3. Completely agree with you. You have a good mindset to life. I went on a vacation to Yosemite park, and was surrounded by massive mountains and had a sense of how small we are in the universe (and compared to those big rocks). Had a point of self reflection knowing if we made it in this universe with all these amazing things, we as humans have no choice but to be significant

  4. Skinny love by Bon Iver. Can make me cry at any moment.

  5. General question for arguments sake. If there was a way that you 100% knew there was nothing after, just emptiness and peace, would you live your life different?

  6. Not a question, more a statement. I think a golf episode would be hilarious.

  7. People were always like “it’s the easiest one.” After studying it I realized none of these exams are easy. BEC statistically is the “least tough.” Studying it definitely didn’t feel like it

  8. I also felt the worst out of reg. Seemed like I guessed on every MC. Seemed like I made up every sim answer, scored in the 80’s. People say the worse you feel the better you score.

  9. The foreshadowing in this show is incredible

  10. After each one and go to a 7/11 and get:

  11. Being able to get the gas pump to land at on an even $ amount every time, without fail

  12. Just curious, did you have a lot of time left when you finished the exam?

  13. Same with me :( I panicked and messaged customer service, probably should have checked Reddit first lol

  14. Omg, I thought it was only me, have reg in less than 2 weeks a and a minor heart attack in the process

  15. Are there any changes coming to REG at that time too?

  16. I think you should definitely consider Becker. They teach you things that are specifically geared for the CPA exam, while school teaches you (more or less) a broad range of subject.

  17. That’s very impressive. Good luck to you! How long did you study for each if you were able to take far and audit in the same quarter? Do you want study full time?

  18. ^ agree. Bec is much more of a grind than what I’ve heard from people. Not easy for me by any means😓

  19. Make sure you continue to check every day for availability. I’ve seen days open up only a couple days before they were scheduled because people reschedule/etc. I would not be surprised if a day opened up for you before 12/31. Good luck! You got this!

  20. I used ninja as supplementary and thought it really helped! You’re able to filter mc where it’s strictly ssar/ssae questions or any topics you want. It’s many different questions and think it’s definitely worth it!

  21. I took audit this week and was totally blindsided by the sims, nothing I was prepared for, hope it was enough 😣

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