1. You defenetly need a rheumatologist to work this out. The high centromer antibodies are specific for limited scleroderma, the high dsDNA for lupus. I‘m not a doctor so could be total rubbish what I‘m telling you.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your insight. Is my rf IgM high or normal?

  3. Please see a doctor as fast as you can

  4. I hear ya. I was debt free before I got this disease. Now I’m jobless, can’t get any offers, and still paying my medical bills.

  5. And than society blames you for not always seeing the bright side

  6. Das klingt für mich wie die Situation mit meinem Neffen.

  7. NTA- she is not your responsibility

  8. NAD but my hands look like this when my lupus is flaring

  9. Maybe you could looke for a second opinion - my GI is strictly against using CT only MRT.

  10. That’s good . He is being conservative . I have so many 4 CT in 3 years . It’s so scary . But lack of diagnosis and I was desperate since I was bed ridden drove me accept all this

  11. You should really really change your GI!! CT is bad for you and you don’t see so much. MRT is showing the most

  12. Hatte einen ähnlichen Fall - geh zur Polizei damit oder mach eine Online- Anzeige- das richt sehr stark nach Betrug. In der Zwischenzeit solltest du auf keinen Fall reagieren oder irgendwas überweisen.

  13. I experienced extreme temperature fluctuations before my diagnosis and the start of treatment. It has improved on hydroxychloroquine. I still wake up at night hot even though I was freezing when I fell asleep. Don't really have any tips, just commiserating support and internet hugs!

  14. I can’t sleep through the night anymore.

  15. PBC is more liked to scleroderma. Otherwise PSC can cause a positive ANA by itself.

  16. Hashimoto can cause a low positive ANA titter

  17. So happy for you! Glad the treatment is working. I hope it continues to work for you.

  18. It was also an late afternoon appointment so anxiety was high all day 🥴

  19. It’s late Monday in my time zone (EST). How are you?

  20. My results were good and treatment is working.

  21. For me it is like a safety net - when I‘m afraid or unsure - I will always tell myself I could kms if things go downhill .

  22. Do you know what brand you have? I’m trying to find some good ones to buy.

  23. Found them on Amazon and got the cheapest

  24. I don’t schedule my appointments or argue with the insurance/medical staff (though I am usually present in the room when it happens and have my fair share of being cussed out by receptionists, nurses, and phlebotomists because they think I’m stupid for doing what the doctor says. It wastes the doctor’s time and our time, as well as other people’s time because these idiots can’t wrap around their head that kids and teens can be chronically ill and disabled too. Mind you, I go to pediatric docs and hospitals, so all this yelling and (literal) threatening from their sides happen in front of little kids.

  25. I started getting sich as a child and I remember how awful it was. For my there were always the fear of losing self-determination of my body. As a Child adults have so much power over you. On the one hand nobody believes you because you are young so you have to be healthy but in the other hand you should act like an adult about the uncomfortable stuff.

  26. yes!! And most people, or all people, will never have a clue unless you tell them what you experience each day as someone who is expected to act like you have at full ability and health as well as making sure your health doesn’t get out of wack.

  27. I made the exsperience that people listen to it once but don’t really get it/ want to get it. No I‘m not picky but some ingredients will fuck me up for days

  28. Dr. Stephan Menzel - ernst von Bergmann Klinikum - Potsdam

  29. I was sad without a reason and if somebody just looked at me the „wrong“ was I started crying

  30. I have ketons all the time in my urine - they are always low and my doctor is not concerned

  31. It gives me joint pain exspecially combined with easy carbs but no real flare

  32. I have the same on my Nuckels for years and showed it a dermatologist and rheumatologist both didn’t know/ care.

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